Research Paper Sample on Career Self Management

Published: 2019-06-21
Research Paper Sample on Career Self Management
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Experimental Methodology

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It is the mode of research that is more often than not used in social sciences and medical fields among others. The method involves the use of a controlled test to familiarize oneself with the routine procedures. Usually, a single variable is manipulated to determine if it has an effect on a dependent variable. It is a scientific approach to research in that the investigator manipulates one constant and records any effect that occurs in the other variable. On many occasions, it is used when the consistency in a relationship, time limit and the extent of correlation is high (Oskar, 2009).

It is seen as an actual experiment because the research allows the researcher to control a single variable and control the rest. The presence of a single control group to which subjects are assigned randomly among groups helps the researcher to examine one effect after the other. The investigator should be aware of the variables he wants to inspect. Physical sciences have much narrower definition than social sciences that conduct a much wider survey. The tests are undertaken to explain the cause and forecast future events; it aids in improving our daily lives thus it is essential to society (Martyn, 2008). The researcher decides on the topic, therefore, defining the area of study. This in turn helps to come up with study questions that are examined against a contrary hypothesis.

Earlier preparations ensure the study is done effectively and the outcome reflects on what happens in the real world in the best way. However, this method has limitations to the study. It was done in an artificial setting, thus the outcome might not be a reflection of the expected results. This can be countered by having natural experiments. The validity of a natural experiment tends to be higher on both sides. It is noted that a placebo is administered by the use of the simplest design. This is meant to be used as a control group that is used in comparison with the experimental group. There are aspects that are used in identifying different experimental designs. They include the subjects, the aim as well as the variables that are used in the in the research. The structure of the experiment follows a guideline in handling the independent and dependent variables. For instance, comparing the race of an individual to other constants that can influence change the primary objective is to show how the dependent an independent variable relate to one another (Martyn, 2008). As the investigator examines the persons under study or the subject, they should have no idea that they are being experimented on. The design varies in regards to topics given to various groups whether a pre-examination was done and if all groups were treated the same.

Milgram, a psychologist, invented a shock generator. Forty persons were selected for this test. The experiment group of people would follow orders even if they proved to be dangerous to others. The test showed that all forty subjects obeyed minimum voltage rules. Twenty-five reached the maximum levels while three of the test subjects suffered from seizures. Generally, the experiment demonstrates that a third of the test subjects would be termed as psychopaths. A large percentage continued shocking their subjects even when they complained about heart complications. It is now evident that people will blindly follow rules without questioning.

As career self management increases human resources strategizes to reorganize workers in turn leading to a rise in the program. Vital questions if the employees are able to manage their skills that can be impacted on them officially. The program operations, which mediations favor the employee productivity? The major objective of the study was to show if formal arbitrations in work places have an effect on productivity while relying on an anticipatory presumption. The training for personal career management requires the workers to take up new roles in the office Kossek, 1998). Decisively controlling their actions employers and sellers attempted promoting; only a few were clearly communicating. The hypothesis is that better workers are responsive and anticipate changes in the places off work. It is also rooted in previous experiences. Thus for this study it was easy to draw a conclusive statement from the results due to its reliance on elements that can be calculated.

Quasi-experimental approach;

The approach is mainly widely used in social sciences and psychological studies. The method is not applicable by those in physical sciences; however, when calculating communal variables they become useful. Therefore, it is important in any discipline (Martyn, 2008).

The flaws in methodology do not weaken the reliability of the information. They should be recognized and permitted for the rest of the procedure. The similarities to quantitative research methods are great, but they lack the chance of selecting study groups. Therefore, getting concrete statistics is an issue. It is advantageous because it reduces the time and resources necessary for the study. In many occasions it is used in single case studies. The results from these studies help underline the results allowing analysis to be conducted smoothly.

Lack of appropriate randomization makes the test worthless. The experimental designs might fail to take into considerations the existing external factors, thus the unreliability of the results. An examination can be carried out to determine types of government systems, for instance, one group may show motivation to follow their leaders while the rest may not. It is hard to inspect properly the consequences due to the existing differences. Persons with motivation tend to think that participation in self-awareness training increases the chances to become a better employee (Demmars, 1998). Trainees should see the positivity of the program for it to be viewed as successful. In this way, the outcome will be considered to be in the list of the desired aspect. The main objective of the trainer is to increase the effectiveness and career development of the trainees with a greater affinity to be motivated to work. Developing measures of the data analysis was done extensively as well as balances were set to determine what previously uncalculated raw data was. The method is great in getting universal answers. It is also in the formulation of case studies.

Non-experimental Designs;

In this kind of research method, the researcher has no control over the preceding causes; instead there is a reliance on observing and getting to a conclusion. Thus, it means the researcher should rely on an observation that will with no doubt be subjected to bias. Since it lacks control the dependent variables the researcher uses the events to explain and analyze the behaviors recorded. It follows basic steps which used in determining the study question and hypothesis to be tested. Secondly, the selection of variables, the third is the selection of data that is longitudinal information, followed by analysis of the information and finally, interpreting the results. During this study it is of utmost importance to ensure one analyses the information collected using facts. This will need one to use inductive reasoning. The variables that are unchangeable include the mode of study, race, gender, parenting styles, intelligence, and age among others (Martyn, 2008). For instance in a school set up, factors that affect learning can be measured, but since the number of persons to be studied is huge, the researcher will rely on the natural variables. It can be noted that even if some students had a higher intelligent quotient than others, they did not necessarily perform in class. Therefore, showing success in class and outside of school are two different things.

In the job market making personal decisions on career strategies each person should recognize the ability to know personal strengths and weaknesses.(Karen,1998) Efficiency is rooted in the present surroundings, the data provided makes it possible to make and develop career choices since the experimenter has no control over the reasons leading to the results. In concluding, it is imperative to note that the selection mode of experiment relies on the size of the group to be studied, the number of dependent on independent variables and the type conclusions you are aiming to obtain.


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