Adequacy of UK Government Measures to Tackle Poverty - Free Essay for Students

Published: 2022-04-12
Adequacy of UK Government Measures to Tackle Poverty - Free Essay for Students
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The UK is a country where many believe there should be a lot of potentials when it comes to issuing of poverty and making sure that it has been eradicated. Many are on the notion that country is designed in such a way that no matter where one lives, the ability to get a good life is a guarantee since the government and relevant authorities have been making sure that they serve people at all capacities (Collin, 2007). This is not the case as many have only been dreaming of having a modest life having in mind that the country is located in an area that is full of economic advancements. Many of the people in the UK are struggling regardless of the fact that they are coming from working families. Meeting the basic needs is a problem and it some of the significant ways that poverty can be seen to be rampant in the country.

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Poverty refers to the state where one is not able to get the complete comfort of a home, pay for the rents, purchase basic needs such as clothes, get access to quality healthcare and also be in the position of getting food. Poverty means that one is likely to wake up every day and encounter some insecurity issues, difficult decisions regarding money and also the uncertainty of whatever is going to happen next (Collin, 2007). Marginalisation is the other indicator of poverty which is followed by tremendous cases of discrimination. All these take place because people are not financially stable and the economy has also deteriorated. The little amount of money that they make after working is used for bills, and there is nothing to save or even to cater for the modest kinds of life.

The stress that comes with poverty tends to be overwhelming, and the people are therefore affected when looked from the perspective of emotions. The elected leaders are even not able to play the part that is assigned to them in the society because people want to be financially stable (Daniel, 2017). All these are issues that people have been facing concerning the UK. The people there are living with a reality that almost anyone is vulnerable to living a life of poverty as the gap between the rich and poor is so vast. Some unexpected events cut actors illnesses, the breakdown of relationships, bereavement and also being pushed to situations that make others migrate to the neighbouring countries where the economy is performing well.

There is clear evidence that poverty is a significant issue as it wastes the potential that people in the society have. The talents and skills in the society cannot be exploited due to poverty. Many people have the potential to offer valuable contributions, but they have not been able to do it because they will gain nothing in the long run. According to the statistics that was conducted in the year 2016, it came out that about 78 billion Euros was set aside to deal with poverty and this was supposed to cater for the child and adult social services, healthcare, justice and education (Collin, 2007). Unfortunately, that move did not work as the money was embezzled into the leader's accounts.

Some efforts have been put in place by the UK to deal with poverty. Some of them have been adequate while others are not. One of the adequate measures was based on boosting the incomes of the people and at the same time reduce the cost (Daniel, 2017). The reduction of cost was based on capital that people would need to start a business and find a way of depending on themselves or being self-employed. The boosting of income has worked, and there is a large group of people who are experiencing a positive change in lifestyle. There are others who have been able to take part in real estate business since they can afford the raw materials having in mind that that the cost of capital has been lowered.

The other adequate measure that has been put in place by the UK government is the improvement of the education standards and skills that have been found to be rear. Education is essential as it opens the people's mind to take part in innovation and activities that lead to expansion and boosting of the economy (Erick, 2017). There are also people who have rear skills that revolve around technology and innovation. These people have all been supported so that they can be at par with the changing needs of the economy. By boosting the education standards, many people have become more aware of the ways that poverty can be eradicated (Steve, 2015). The government makes sure that everyone has had the opportunity to go to school. This is a measure that was put in place so as increase the level literacy in the country. This move made sure that people are working hard towards making sure that the kind of education that is availed is of the right quality. Those who graduate with high scores are also given scholarships so that they can be able to pursue courses that will help in boosting the economy of the country in the long run.

The other successful measure put in place by the government has been strengthening of families together with communities (Guy, 2006). Families have been given the ability to explore the talents that they have in different industries. For instance, many have been supported by loans and funds so that they can be able to open up businesses. Others have been given the potential to start health care centers to increase the level of access in that aspect. Communities need people who can represent them at the national level, and in that case, the government has made sure that it is always in contact with them so that it can be able to understand some of the areas that need adjustments. The mission, in this case, is to empower people and remove them from the cocoon that lead to poverty and depression that is caused by discrimination and being marginalized.

Even though the government has been putting all these measures to deal with poverty, there are still others that have proved not be fruitful in any way. For instance, it has been taking part in research and analysis by working together with people who are in the private sectors to get ideas of what is supposed to be done (Hannah, 2016). This action has not been beneficial because the private sectors are there to make a profit and they are never ready to offer help whenever it is needed by the national government. The government has also been working with the public, civil servants and other political parties located in the four-nation of the UK as a way of trying to deal with the issue of poverty. This has been combined with checking on the history of the country to find out where things went wrong. Such kinds of research have not been successful because most of the people end up taking part in the same activities that they have had all along.

Corporate responsibility, promotion of capacity among the public sectors and lobbying in other countries have also not worked (Rowntree, 2016). This is a clear implication that the country needs someone who can be able to come up with ideas and implement them immediately. The UK needs a recommendation that is workable directly after they have been mentioned. This is something that is not only rooted in the UK, but it is even in the developing countries in the African content. Corruption, nepotism, tribalism, discrimination, and prejudice are some of the factors that increase the rate of poverty, and they should be buried by the successful measures that have been put in place leaving aside those that have failed.


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