Music Essay Sample on Berlin School

Published: 2023-02-21
Music Essay Sample on Berlin School
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The Berlin school genre of music is a type of music style that formally originated in Germany Berlin in the 1970s. At this particular time, the city was initially governed politically and was partitioned physically by a wall. The Genre consists basically of ambient factors combined with repetitive short and sequenced runs of notes; it is this repetitive sequence that gave the music its element of rhythm, and the heavy use of mellotron. The melodic features in the Genre are mostly integrated with experimental sounds and some obit of atonal sounds. The Genre has generally found to lack drums of percussion; however, later, some efforts were put in place to ensure that other elaborate layered percussion sequences were included. The tempos in the musical tone of Berlin school are non-existence and very slow to moderate. The Genre also uses other instruments such as the cello, guitar, piano, or the woodwinds. The vocals are rarely included, which then suggests the general impression of spacey or psychedelic. It is a genre of music that has been celebrated across Germany and mainly in Western Europe and across the universe. It is a music artist that changed the perception of Germany for the better.

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Germany's Berlin School type of electronic music has since gradually developed and changed over the years, and it is still a musical genre that has remained active over time. The Genre has been growing over ago, and after the union of both sides of Germany, Berlin School became a traditional musical art that has been adopted by many as the current electronic music. The Genre has since then been active, and still, a part of Germany's electronic music has it celebrates their history and tells much of their past (Jensenius, Alexander Refsum, and Michael J. Lyons, 9)

The Krautrock was not only a revolutionary musical genre that was used to drum up the revolt against Hitler and his Nazis, but it was also a moving genre that saw other innovative Germans design other rock music like Rolf Ulrich Kaiser, who had been taking part on the style from a distant. He was majorly involved in making the Genre accessible, and this saw while American and the British Rock take on to their version protesting the era of slavery. Such blues by the British and the Americans were a different version of the Krautrock, but they got their influence from the School of Berlin music genre. All these songs and types were not recycled copies of one another but musical styles that were formally influenced by the Krautrock of Germany (Emmerson, Simon, 7)

The Krautrock musical genre has been widely used in constituting film soundtracks because of its considerable influence over the years. The various films that had adopted the electronic music genre soundtrack include Sorcerer of 1977, Thief of 1981, and Risky business of 1983. These are some of the movies that took the Krautrock soundtrack. The electronic musical Genre has also been used as a soundtrack in the famous Grand Theft Auto V. It is an illustration that shows how the Krautrock musical genre has been widely accepted and used as an element of influence and advocacy on various issues.

If the subject were sequencing, it would be best for students to learn it because it is through the art of sequencing that patterns of the musical art and its adaptation as a musical genre can be clearly understood. Sequencing was the earliest style that the 80s Krautrock musicians used in their Genre, and therefore for students to better understand the Berlin School musical genre, then studying sequencing would be the best step towards a better understanding.

Edgar Willmar Froese was a German artist and pioneer of electronic music. He was popularly known as the founder of the influential electronic music group known as the Tangerine Dream. He was born in 1944 in East Prussia and later died in 2005 in Austria. He was a renowned developer and pioneer of electronic music because of his contribution to the advancement in electronic music. Even though his music group and solo named him Edgar Froese, his solo albums from the years of 2003 until his saddened death, the records were referred as Edgar W. Froese (Bogdanov, Dmitry, and Xavier Serra, 6)

Christopher Franke is a famous German artist and writer who was born from 1971 to 1987. He was a named member of the Tangerine Dream. He was born in 1953 in Berlin, Germany. He has appeared in some films like Babylon 5, Third space, and Universal Soldier. Peter Baumann was also co-founding members of the famous Tangerine Music group. He is known to be the founder of the Private Music label. He was born in 1953, and he has since been involved in various musical songs and also films such as Tangerine Dream and Live at Coventry Cathedral 1975. Klause Schulze, on the other hand, has also been a profound founding artist of electronic music. He was briefly a part of the Krautrock bands Tangerine Dream before he embarked on a solo career that has a compilation of more than 60 albums. He was also involved in various movies such as the Next of kin, Barracuda, and Hacker.

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