Healthcare Essay Sample for Everyone

Published: 2022-05-22
Healthcare Essay Sample for Everyone
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Structure and Function of the Nervous System

The nervous system is accountable and responsible for all the coordination, connection, and communication of all the activities within the body system. Moreover, it controls the functional properties of the body and enhances it to various adaptability processes especially when it comes to coping with emergency situations.

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1.1 Function

The nervous system has three main duties; thus, it controls the sensory, interpretative, and motor functions. The sensory nerve system collects all the information within the human body and the immediate surrounding environment. The information is then relayed to the central nervous system. In addition, the information received by the central nervous system is processed and interpreted and then the motor nerves have the duty to convey the information to the human muscles and glands.

1.2 Structure

The nervous system structure is partitioned into two sections; the central nervous system that covers the brain and the spinal cord. Majorly, these two components are secured/protected by the bones and cushioned from any harm by the cerebrospinal fluids. Secondly, the peripheral system that acts as a connector between the central nervous system and the entire body.

Depression and Anxiety

With the fact that stress levels in patients diagnosed with depression and anxiety likely to recur and increase due to the various changes of the nervous, cardiovascular and the immune systems of human beings. The changes and alterations cause the stress response that can be very addictive. With that in mind, the stress response can only be additive when the released stress hormones with the purpose to produce energy stores immediate their purpose. Also, if a new system of energy distribution within the human body system is introduced. With these elements available the energy will be relocated to the active tissues during stress; thus, the brain and the skeletal muscles. In addition, the cells of the immune system will be active and relocate to the "battle station." After that process, the less active and vital activities are put off, for example, digestion process and the growth and gonadal hormone production. When such biological activities occur, it is advisable for patients diagnosed with anxiety and depression not to get involved in physical activities such an eating and sexual intercourse (Schneiderman, Ironson and Siegel 5).

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)/Traditional Medicine (TM)

The study of medicine has featured in numerous researchers over the years. With that in mind practice produced focused on the means of addressing the emotional and physical achievement of medicine towards healing. It is also a common fact that medical research and practice have evolved over the years; thus, creating a community/social platform and religious beliefs of numerous native citizens through understanding the natural components within the environment and currently, establishing therapeutic and validating better preventive medical care for the society by employing scientific approaches. It is because of the evolution that awareness has become one of the best approaches to ensuring long and quality lifestyles for the community. It is because of the advance medication that there are boundaries on class. Class, in this case, represents the difference among third-world nations, developing countries, and developing nations; and in this case who gets better healthcare. With that in mind, the developing and third-world nations suffer since they lack the financial ability to receive better care. Moreover, developed nations practice complementary and alternative medication also known referred to a traditional medicine. With the changes towards sicknesses due to globalization, complementary and alternative medicine is the best approach for providing care to developing nations (Debas, Laxminarayan and Straus 1282).

Section 2

Public Health Informatics and Application Policy

Public health informatics and application is an implementation of informatics and technology in various section of the public health sector, for example, surveillance, security, risk management, and healthcare output optimization. Covering such ground includes the use of a strong electronic system such as the electronic health record system also abbreviates as the HER. Majorly, the policy focuses improving patient care and optimizing the results of the care to enhance better healthcare facility service brand. In addition, it enhances the billing system and guideline by increasing the integrity and protecting information loss and other medical mistakes/errors. Moreover, the policy ensures that the hospitals with these systems advance of nursing leadership top help with the smooth running of the system; therefore, the leaders are responsible for monitoring the system, cross-checking the data, and ensuring the electronic alerts are available in case of any mistakes (Kukafka et al. 399).

It is a fact that the E.H.R is a system that has multiple purposes. First, it is essential to the public health sector since it assists with decision making towards medication and prescription procedures. Moreover, it accounts for the allocation and reallocation of nursing shifts. According to most research done about the system, it is ideal to state that it function promotes health monitoring, evaluation, diagnosis, and investigation, links the healthcare departments, accounts for the workforce, informs, educates and empowers, and assist in developing policies with the aim of improving healthcare output (Kukafka et al. 338).

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