Cyber Security Essay Sample about Wikileaks

Published: 2019-07-16
Cyber Security Essay Sample about Wikileaks
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The story of Wikileaks demonstrates how the Department of Homeland Security should act against actors in cyberspace. By disclosure of 250,000 government secrets, Wikileaks initiated the cyberwar between the administration and the anti-sovereignty group (Ashlee, 2010). The disdain of the Wikileaks leader Julian Assange and the government displeasure in these actions led other global organizations to withdraw their link and services from Wikileaks. Among the groups that withdrew their services and subsequently suffered continuous attacks include, Paypal, and MasterCards.

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From the cyber-attacks by the Anonymous group in support of Wikileaks actions, the Homeland Security can learn some useful lessons and take appropriate measures in future. The Homeland Security can employ the use of non-state actors to mimic the activities of such cyber challenges in future to hide, individuals, corporations and the government from malicious attacks (Burns, 2010). These tactics are also utilized in other developed and developing countries such as Russia and China.

The Homeland Security should take the cyber challenges by the anonymous group in support of Wikileaks seriously as it such malicious activities are there and will continue to be there. Also, it is worth noting that, those attacks indicated that such hackers are improving and they could pose tougher challenges in future and may become uncontrollable if appropriate measures are not taken on time.

Also, the Homeland Security need to exploit the weaknesses of the United States enemies as the attackers can come from any country, various communication linkages or a multiple of internet providers.


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Discussion 2: Privacy and Civil Liberties

The movie Spying on the Home Front, reflect the reign of President Bush when his administration introduced the National Security Agencys domestic surveillance program in response to terrorism attacks (Marks, 2010). The movie revolves around the argument whether this action violates the Americans freedom.

The government program to check on peoples flow of information is useful because if people have nothing to wrong then they have nothing to fear and to conceal. After all the government efforts and the introduction of such programs as domestic surveillance are aimed at helping and protecting the citizens. The concept of data mining although it may appear as though it violate the human rights as stated by the United States constitutions fourth amendment (Ducat, 2012), it promotes governments efforts in the identification of anomalies that may give rise to questionable actions. In fact, the government cannot manage to peruse through every other persons emails, phone calls, and messages. From a technological point of view, the government can be able to identify some information that may require consideration but the officials cannot directly arrest the person. Nevertheless, it could be a good starting point to make a follow up of such a suspects activities so as to keep the public safe.

Secondly, the governments domestic surveillance program will not only enable the government to perpetuate the terrorists but also to identify and arrest them before they complete their attacking mission. Since it is very hard to survey on suspects only, it is, therefore, governments responsibility to treat everyone as a suspect and to conduct domestic surveillance so that they can get crucial information that might be helpful in protecting the citizens from terrorists attacks.


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