Museums of Houston, Free Essay for Your Inspiration

Published: 2022-04-11
Museums of Houston, Free Essay for Your Inspiration
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Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston is classified among the biggest museums in the US. Its permanent collection spans more than six hundred years of history and has an approximate of sixty-four thousand works of art created by different cultures across the globe. It is the oldest art museum in Texas. It comprises of two gallery buildings, a sculpture garden, library, visitor's center, gift shop, two house museums, movie theatre and two art schools. Arts of Africa describe art from the large African continent that dates back to the early days presumably the 500BC to the modern days. The African art collection features sculptures, headdresses, masks, textiles and other objects from different cultures, regions, and countries across Africa. One of the masterpieces that drew attention is a polished metal head obtained from the court of Benin and belonged to a Benin King. Also, the Fang culture reliquary figure which greatly inspired early twentieth century artists. Most of the artworks were formed as symbols of prestige and power of the rulers. Other artworks honor ancestors. African galleries of this museum were expanded and redesigned in 2010 and 2015. My thoughts on the African exhibition is that it is quite notable and evident of the steps that art has taken in appreciating the histories of the African communities and the different relevance that the arts from the communities hold.

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In the Glassell Collection of African Gold, the dazzling works presented here were primarily done by Akan artists who lived in Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire who were formerly known as the Gold Coast where gold was abundant. From the early days, gold was often used to symbolize power and wealth. Consequently, the prizes of artworks made from gold have always been high. The kind of gold in this section is often regarded as exceptional with the section having an all-inclusive assemblage of pure African gold. My thoughts on the gold exhibited in this section are that it was a great piece of an exhibition that highlighted the measures of wealth in the ancient society. Gold is still used as a symbol of wealth thus there is a link between the ancient and the modern societies.

Museum of Natural Science

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is a popular and famous museum that is found in Texas and houses several exhibit centres which include the Cockrell Butterfly Center, Burke Baker Planetarium, Wortham Giant Screen Theatre and the several permanent exhibit areas that examine astronomy, science, energy, gems, minerals, seashells and a lot more. The museum also maintains two satellite facilities one in Sugar Land which exhibits on live insects, mineralogy and dinosaurs and The George Observatory famed for being home to one of the gargantuan telescopes in the United States. Preserving of the microscopes showed that the museum appreciated the various contribution that science has towards art. The John P. Mc Govern Hall of the Americans celebrates the diversity and extraordinary accomplishments of the indigenous peoples of the Americans and the continuity of their rich cultural traditions. The museum has a rich collection of rugs, pottery, kachina dolls, pre-Colombian gold, beadwork and other objects which represent more than fifty diverse cultures from Alaska to Peru. Innovative reconstruction in the surroundings and hands-on activities are employed to add finishing touches on these artworks. My thoughts on the art crafts from different cultures are that the exhibits provided a glimpse into the way of lives of many communities throughout the world which was not only insightful but also educative.

Buffalo Soldiers National Museum

The Buffalo Soldiers National Museum is also located in Houston district. It is the only museum which is primarily dedicated to preserving the honor and legacy of the African-American servicemen. The museum is committed to preserving and memorializing the heritage of courageous soldiers who put their lives in the line of duty to protect the United States. The museum actively seeks out collaborations within the arts and educational community so that it can develop multi-faceted events that tell the untold story of African-American in the military.

It also aims to articulate, collect, preserve and display historical artifacts and documents, videos, prints and other historical items which keep in detail of the men and women who fought for America. There are artifacts which stretch from the Revolutionary war through both the first and Second World War to the present day conflicts. Among the things on display are old cannon balls and various types of guns. There are also vintage items such as crocks, old metal irons and more household items used in the past. Also, there are uniforms and helmets as well as current snapshots of the American army. My thoughts on the photos of our soldiers in the museum are that art has a role to play in recognizing our heroes and that I am a huge step taken by art in appreciating our soldiers who are in the battlefields protecting our country from its enemies. Celebrating our soldiers in such ways emphasizes the great value that they hold to our nation and the world.

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