Nursing Essay Example: Theory, Research and Evidence-Based Practice

Published: 2022-06-17
Nursing Essay Example: Theory, Research and Evidence-Based Practice
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The nursing profession has evolved and continues to emerge among other applied sciences thanks to diverse and dynamic theories that describe its practices. As such, Evidence-based practices (EBP) lays the foundation for this profession by incorporating critical thinking in studying existing evidence (Polit & Beck, 2008). Evidence-based practices allow medical practitioners to use deductive reasoning in making inferences and evaluation in problem-solving.

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The underlying elements in nursing decode into diverse models and theories that help in obtaining relevant information that is required for a purpose of research. Irrespective of the size of theory, the models expand different phenomena from a general view to specific information. These models use deductive logic and surpass research objectives to help in the shaping of vital concepts in the field of nursing. One model used in a research study is The Peplau's theory, a model expounded in the article The Value of Peplau's theory for mental health nursing by Adrian Jones.

Some of the existing fields of interest relate to Emergency Department (ER) whereby Peplau's theory and concept gives possible frameworks involved in maintaining nurse-patient relationship (Jones, . In this theory, more emphasis centers on mental health intervention by articulating roles and interventions required in Emergency Room to effect and facilitate positive health-care findings. However, challenges with Peplau's Theory lies with lack of empirical investigation in terms of quantitative and qualitative research. Also, non-compliance of patients in Emergency Room due to lack of psychodynamic aspect of mentally ill patients in a hospital. More research should therefore concentrate on outlining interpersonal roles and multitude of intercessions needed to invest the nursing roles in ER to have a valid mental health relationship.

Probable fields of research fall within identified models that conceptualize and account for such particular challenge. Besides, past and contemporary structures can be of assistance in this case as in the case of exhaustive and inevitable research required to ascertain specific case and quantitative histories of patients that comprise the greater part of the research study (Newhouse et al., 2007). Despite the findings of the research, certain areas of the model will have to incorporate past elements to strengthen the findings. Therefore, the best conceptual framework entails a consolidation of best theories to come up with scholarly collaboration throughout the development of best practices.


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