Essay Sample on Celebrity Credibility

Published: 2022-12-30
Essay Sample on Celebrity Credibility
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Celebrity credibility is a subject of concern, especially in this era when they are trading their influence for big deals with companies for huge sums of money. Apart from the big reaps that they make from endorsing products. Celebrities hold a dangerous position and their ideologies on a subject matter can mislead an entire society (winterish et al p,70). In this essay, I give examples of celebrities who have had a great impact on society by airing an ideology that lacks expertise prove, the grounds they hold, and their attempts to justify these ideologies and their deadly" expertise"

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Celebrities' credibility in terms of trustworthiness is not only important for the marketing of endorsed products which evidently record high sales after an endorsement by a popular celebrity, but also in the other fields of information on basic truths that can damage humanity if not taken seriously. In his book Death of expertise, Nicholas feels very sad and concerned about our growing inability to have constructive and educative debates that are meant to be positive(Nicholas p, 964). He argues that the current world is such that people choose to follow whatever tends to be popular rather than the facts which are credible. There is the tendency of people to brush of n expertise information on an issue of concern and follow another contrary but popular belief, provided that a celebrity deemed to be an expert hold such a belief. An example is an influence the Kardashian has had on feminism and completely changed the idea of inter-racial marriages.

Maybe the Kardashians are credible celebrities, as they champion ideologies which goes in line with the evident truth from the experts in respective fields. What happens when it is all negative ideologies being peddled by celebrities faking expertise

Jim Carrey who is a comedian and an actor born and raised up in Canada is an example of a controversial celebrity who have diverted the thinking of a majority on his stands and ideologies that are controversial and elusive, without proving from real experts. His arguments on anti-vaccination are having a huge impact although denied. According to an article, Carrey wrote a statement in which he related the increasing number of autisms, mumps, measles and even scary rubella to vaccines (loomes p,13). To support this argument, Carrey gave an example of many parents, who reported that their kids, went down with diseases after several visits to pediatrician's clinics. According to him, the children would be normal had they had not undergone the vaccination procedure. The situation was worsened when he led an attempt, by influence when he referred the governing body of California to as a corporate of fascists when it passed a law in 2015 requiring all school children to be vaccinated. The government further had to block parents from opting out of this on grounds of religion or any belief. Carrey disregarded the expertise importance of having a vaccine given and even went ahead to post alarming tweets referring to California, poisoning more children with mercury and aluminum. He went ahead to claim that he was and would remain an anti-vaccination champion. These statements met an outrage with popular medics assuring the populations that Carrey had no expertise and that there was nothing like heavy metals in the vaccines. Carrey tries to justify this ideology on myths enlisted by world health organization as pure misconception and untrustworthy. Claims by Carrey that diseases had already started to disappear even before the introduction of Vaccinations are not true given that not sanitation alone can contain strains of measles. It is impressive to note that there was a massive reduction of measles way back after the discovery of vaccines, it could still be incurable. The claims that vaccines have side effects that can even cause the death of children are a pure hoax(Sodemann p,189). According to the World Health Organization, vaccines have undergone expert lab tests and are safe for consumption unless only served to the children in wrong dosages, hence a few cases are as a result of negligence and not necessarily because of the vaccines' contamination.

In conclusion, a lesson can be borrowed from Nicholas' statistical statement that an average American has a little basic knowledge that he or she gets thrown into believing either uninformed or misinformed information which is being spread without factual evidence to support it. The end result, according to Nicholas is the belief in dumb things active resistance to present and new information(Nicholas p, 964).This calls for assertiveness and slowly understanding what a person, whether a celebrity or not claims. The people should not rush into believing everything but instead seek to tell the difference between the sources and scrutinize the positions held by those giving the claims. For instance, can this person advise on the medical field, when his role is a comedy? To what extent are his beliefs tangible? When the citizens take time to answer this. There shall be control on celebrities; a negative influence on us.

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