Free Essay Example - Computer Science: Physical Network Security Strategy

Published: 2024-01-19
Free Essay Example - Computer Science: Physical Network Security Strategy
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Bi Visual Bi Solution is an organization that provides internet solutions to users. Having two branches, one in the United States and another in India, means that the organization has to deal with cultural issues, diversity, and distance. The organization needs to beef up its security because the online world has so many threats. Bi Visual Bi Solution should be aware of internal and external threats and how to solve them—the protection strategies are another thing mainly for data, human resources, and hardware. The policies for physical security in the organization are significant to secure the firm.

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Describe at least three threats and vulnerabilities associated with physical security

There are many physical security threats that the organization must strive to avoid and eliminate. It is no surprise that physical security tends to affect us in this day and age. When the risk of a particular activity is high, it becomes automatic to have strategies to help solve the problem. Below are some of the physical security threats:

(a) Theft and Burglary
(b) Vandalism and Assault
(c) Data theft and cyber theft
(d) Natural disaster

Theft and burglary. Many residences and commercial properties have the risk of robbery and burglary. The two are the most severe physical security threats that the companies have. Bi Visual Bi Solution needs to be very careful with this type of theft because it involves stealing physical office furniture and other assets. Vandalism and assault are the other common physical security threats. People can destroy a company’s furniture or infrastructure for different reasons. If this happens, it is a loss to the company, and the worst part of it is how it can tarnish the company name (Reed, 2017). Assault can come from the employees or intruders. It is one of the threats that the Bi Visual Bi Solution needs to counter all the time case. A natural disaster is the other physical threat that the organization should be concerned about in its operations. It can happen anytime, but the good thing is to have ways to avoid it.

Define at least two physical strategies for protecting each of the following categories: data, human resources, and hardware

Bi Visual Bi Solution should have plans for data, human resources, and hardware protection. Data protection is crucial, and the organization can use passwords and backup devices to save data after network connection interruptions. Having tracking software is another thing that can help locate a stolen item or asset from the organization (“WeLiveSecurity,” 2013). Using encrypting sensitive data can help a lot. According to Kavita (2016), the organization needs to communicate its employees’ concerns correctly. It is always essential to have the management have ways to deal with threats that can affect the organization.

Human resources at Bi Visual Bi Solution need to implement a strict safety policy. It will help curb all the issues of accidents and contamination, among other risks in the organization. Having the warning sign, labeling the environment, and hiring only qualified employees to work in the organization will help (Nigam, 2016). The second strategy that can protect the employees at Bi Visual Bi Solution is training. Training the employees on how better they can handle their fellow employees can improve interpersonal relationships. Employees at the organization must control the hardware part of the company well. The physical strategies that the people must work on include protecting the portables, proper connection, and having the TFTs, computers, and other gadgets mounted well (Shinder, 2007).

Describe strategies for protecting the company’s network perimeter from external threats

The strategies include the following:

(a) United Threat Management firewall
(b) Threat prevention technology
(c) Pay attention to VPN

Bi Visual Bi Solution needs to invest in the United Threat Management firewall. As opposed to the traditional firewall, the UTM firewall offers the following protection against external threats. It helps filter malicious website content—protection against internet viruses and other worms before entering the network (Gagne, 2016). The third is the threat prevention technology that detects internet vulnerabilities and prevents their effect before joining the network. The second thing is drawing up the computer security charter. It allows the employees to know to what extent they can use the network service.

The third thing is paying attention to the VPNs. One can assume that they have protected the information, and no one can access it, but it can be wrong. Online criminal have perfected their art, and mostly, they use the VPN. Therefore, the Bi Visual Bi Solution needs to have a network that can allow only employees or the only official team to use the grid. The fourth strategy is isolating web applications. The organization needs to have a demilitarized zone managed by the DMZ. Having the servers run without any form of protection is unstable and risky. It is recommended to use the firewall or the WAF.

Describe strategies for protecting the company’s internal and external network traffic; include at least two network security tools

The protection strategy involves several things, and the most important thing is the security policy as it tells what the people need to know and do. In business, it is always essential to have the tools that can help the business’s operation. The use of antivirus can help a lot safeguard the Bi Visual Bi Solution’s information. The organization’s threats are many and dire which is why Bi Visual Bi Solution needs to invest in an antivirus company. The online hackers are out there, and the company should focus more on the payment methods. The organization needs to be safe to avoid the misuse of the data maintained online.

The second tool is about the hardware because network maintenance is essential. The attack can come from internal or external sources. Therefore, the Bi Visual Bi Solution organization needs to do the following to see activities work out correctly. The organization needs to have strong authentication. It needs to secure the desktop configuration because it can leak information through Internet Explorer (Bianco, 2019). The investigation is essential because it can help the organization report any case as it happens. Having a good follow-up can help Bi Visual Bi Solution avoid loss due to internal or external data theft.

Define at least two policies or guidelines that you would have in the organization’s physical security manual

The security policy program needs to have different policies, procedures, and guidelines. Below are some of the policies the Bi Visual Bi Solution can include in the physical security manual:

(a) Acceptance Use Policy
(b) Change Management Policy
(c) Information Security Policy

The three policies are critical because they help regulate the access and the behavior of the organization’s employees. The acceptance policy is acceptable as it allows the hired employees to accept the terms before they get work or use anything. People need to work with the rules they agree to because it will guide their work. It is a policy the Bi Visual Bi company needs to implement and have it in their manual because it will hold the employees accountable for all they do. The other procedure that is very important is the change in management policy. In an organization, changes happen from time to time matters about security (Hayslip, 2018). It is a policy that every organization needs because when they want to change the current administration, there is always something to guide the transition. Finally, the information security policy is very crucial in IT firms. The following information matters and the organization must have rules and regulations that show the right follow-up information in the organization.


Bi Visual Bi Solution needs to have correct information about how security can impact its operation. The data can help prevent and plan for the potential risks to the data, human resources, and hardware. It is not always easy and direct, but the organization must identify its different stakeholders’ common threats. The protection of the three; data, human resources, and hardware is essential. Organizations need to have strategies that can help secure and guard the people working, the equipment and tools used in this IT firm, and their information.


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