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Various Principles Govern The Accounting Practice In The United States Of America. The Financial Accounting Standards Board (fasb) Sets The Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (gaap). The Principles Include Revenue Recognition, Matching, Consistency, Conservatism And Materiality. Revenue Recognition Identifies The Specific Conditions For Recognizing And Identifying The Revenues Generated By A Company. Identification Of Revenue Is Through Evaluation Of Customer Contract And Its Obligations, Transaction Costs And Calculation Of Revenue After Assessing Performance. The Matching Principle Stipulates That Companies Should Report Their Accounting Activities In The Same Specific Period, For Instance, Recording Of Expenses Upon Payment. It Creates Consistency In Various Accounting Reports Such As Balance Sheets. The Consistency Principle Stipulates That A Company Should Use One Method Or Principle In Calculating And Tabulating Its Activities In The Present And Future Periods. Conservatism Principles Ensures Recognition Of Expenses And Liabilities As Soon As Possible When There Is Uncertainty About The Outcome. It Stipulates To Only Recognize Revenues And Assets When There Is An Assurance Of Being Received. Business Entities Adhere To The Above Principles In The Formulation Of Financial Statements Regulated By The Fasb.

Revenue Recognition PrincipleThis is the Generally Accepted Accounting Principle (GAAP) that recognizes the explicit conditions in which revenue is acknowledged and the w...
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(1377 Words)
281 Title of research: 282 Essay Sample on Essence of Music Therapy on Children With ADHD and ASD 283 Paper Example. Abuse in the Shining

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284 Maternity Case Study 285 Essay Sample on Learning Disabilities in Education: Auditory Processing Disorder 286 Paper Sample: Antisocial Personality Disorder 287 Free Essay Example: Anorexia Nervosa 288 Interaction between Gifted Students and Teachers 289 Advantages and Disadvantages of Vaccines 290 Benefits of Jackson's action to the people 291 Essay Sample on How Social Media Has Increased Depression and Anxiety in Teenagers 292 DateThe Heroism of Beowulf 293 Date Globalization and Reform 294 Dual Admission Program 295 Essay Sample on Diet and Mental Disorder 296 Research Paper on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy As an Effective Treatment for Anxiety in a School Setting 297 Essay Sample on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Surviving a School Shooting 298 THE ENLIGHTENMENT PERIOD 299 Various principles govern the accounting practice in the United States of America. The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) sets the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). The principles include revenue recognition, matching, consistency, conservatism and materiality. Revenue recognition identifies the specific conditions for recognizing and identifying the revenues generated by a company. Identification of revenue is through evaluation of customer contract and its obligations, transaction costs and calculation of revenue after assessing performance. The matching principle stipulates that companies should report their accounting activities in the same specific period, for instance, recording of expenses upon payment. It creates consistency in various accounting reports such as balance sheets. The consistency principle stipulates that a company should use one method or principle in calculating and tabulating its activities in the present and future periods. Conservatism principles ensures recognition of expenses and liabilities as soon as possible when there is uncertainty about the outcome. It stipulates to only recognize revenues and assets when there is an assurance of being received. Business entities adhere to the above principles in the formulation of financial statements regulated by the FASB. 300 Paper Example: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders


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