Essay Example. Abortion is Morally Wrong

Published: 2023-07-12
Essay Example. Abortion is Morally Wrong
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The article about state reopening has given numerous reasons why President Trump introduced the reopening of states of the U.S. Given reason are based on individuals' health, increased drug abuse, alcohol, and increased chances of heart problems, which poses dangers to American citizens as urged by President Trump.

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The information presented in the article follows given specified information that makes the whole data easy to follow as much as the information about states reopening is concerned. "The article provides short notes about president Trump's briefing on the reopening of states despite the continuous spread of the disease. Information provided in this article varies as it tries to provide reasons why the reopening of states would be dangerous. It indicates a change in information about the briefing ("Trump Unveils Plan To Reopen States In Phases"). Trump says it's safe to reopen states, while Birx finds protesters with no masks or distancing 'devastatingly worrisome."

The article offers insight into what Trump shared about the reopening of the U.S. states despite the dangers of coronavirus. The article acknowledges that Trump called on the briefing about the reopening of the U.S. states was not based on the authority he has to impose his will to governors, but it was out of their will to reopen the states. "President Trump told the nation's governors on Thursday that they could begin reopening businesses, restaurants and other elements of daily life by May 1 or earlier if they wanted to, but abandoned his threat to use what he had claimed was his absolute authority to impose his will on governors. "The article provides information about the reopening of states despite the dangers of coronavirus pandemic. The article's topic somehow appears against what Trump informed the public and governs at large about the reopening of the U.S. states despite exceeding the number of coronavirus pandemics.

The article provides information about the reopening of businesses and guidelines provided by the White house. "Many governors across the U.S. are disregarding or creatively interpreting White House guidelines in easing their states' lockdowns and letting businesses reopen, an Associated Press analysis found."

The information changes in each article that presents informative data about the reopening of states by President Trump. Some offer an opinion about the move made by President Trump. Additionally, information changes right from one article to another, thus making one of the essential marks that outline differences or a change in information presented across the articles shared. The pattern or way of presenting the same information varies as some of the articles presents data based on outlines giving more insight about the same while others stick to a single sub-topic about what the president shared.

The article uses different language in presenting information shared about the reopening of states when compared to other articles. The difference in data is noted since the article offers an attempt to explain what the president was sharing. The use of a different language is pointed out in the smallest percentage. Other parts of the information maintained similar information. In the context of different summaries, the information offered within the article of interest uses specific language and direct words, including quotations. Other articles use different languages right from headlines, which marks the difference. "We are not opening all at once, but one careful step at a time," Mr. Trump told reporters during a briefing at the White House." Different opinions used across the text also marks or explain the difference in language used across the articles.

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