Career Strategy Essay Sample

Published: 2018-02-20
Career Strategy Essay Sample
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Career strategies

There is always that defining moment in one's career life where someone decides this what I will become. Some of the people remember this point vividly. Going through college and into internships is a milestone into one's career path. This first job as an intern is usually the eye-opener. Interactions with those who have gone before us make it clear what it requires being highly accomplished. Gradually, short-term professional to illuminate the career strategies are set and follow through. Short-term goals are the keys to responding to talent market needs.

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Firstly, the goal to accomplish is to develop the discipline to work independently and with little supervision. This ability is key to seeing tasks complete to a logical conclusion and efficiently. In this quest, the primary concern is to develop proper time management. Identifying seemingly little activities that consume time meant to accomplish meaningful work is essential. high in the career ladder, junior employees will have an example to follow having developed traits that inspire performance in the workplace.

Secondly, achieving the required competencies necessary to perform tasks such as operating various machinery and software in the various jobs undertaken will add up to an illustrious career. The total experiences earned will prove crucial in that at the various levels of the career there will always be innovative ways around the various task. If for instance, the supervisory role is the position risen to, guiding junior or new employees will not prove a problem. There will be a productive background of varied experiences that complement one another. In this way, as a supervisor, helping firm, for example, those that are into production achieve or even exceed daily targets becomes a possibility. Moreover, various competencies also help minimize down-times trying to reach executive. The ability to troubleshoot and correct systems, for instance, will be there in the workplace. As a management executive, the experience gained while developing key competencies will be imported in developing strategies and evaluating the various workstations needs. It may prove difficult working through criteria to buy a particular machine for instance without a basic understanding of how the very core sections of say a factory works.

Lastly in the professional goals, is to develop a professional network of people met in various positions in various companies and training undertaken. People are the doors to opportunities that lay unexplored only because someone does not know anyone with the requisite skills. Bridging this gap requires that one develop a comprehensive list of persons that in the same line of work. These are people who understand what it takes to achieve worthy career goals. They are also people that recognize the fact that, no colleague is too junior or too senior to help out. Such career communication will help in scaling the corporate ladder.

In conclusion, stressing how vital discipline to ones work, competencies to various tasks and career contact is the most basic of things to do. This seemingly unimportant tasks will be the saving grace in meeting the employers and their needs in the labor market, and to achieving the desired life.

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