Cannabis Plant - Free Paper Example

Published: 2023-12-25
Cannabis Plant - Free Paper Example
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‘Chemovar’ is being used in plant species to breakdown the cannabis plant-based on chemical composition. In the cannabis plant, chemovar will be able to determine the CBD to THC ratio. It will confirm the availability of numerous compounds as well as the bioavailability of individual terpenes. For breeders and growers, there are positive interests in having chemovar classification. Classification of chemovar has identified cannabis according to its cannabinoid content and its identification. Previously people regarded the use of cultivar though it had variation on cycles of crossbreeding.

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Regarding the cannabis plant, the chemovar classification is expressive of three primary phenotypes that are relevant. The three phenotypes considered include THC- predominant, CBD- predominant, and the balance of both THC and CBD. The new method adopted of chemovar is being used to suit the variation of both medical marijuana and recreational for most of users. Chemovar in the cannabis plant is being used to create the CBD and helps various plant products to remain in the same state of compliance. An analysis of any primary phenotype, the chemovar, is confidential regardless of the cannabinoid extraction performed.

With the current change in technology, the chemovar is being used to give further analysis of cannabis constituents. Chemovar has various testing types, which are potency, microbial, and terpene testing techniques. In potency, the user has to be aware of what is being ingested based on the appropriateness of the product. Testing using potency is done for all cannabinoids. In terpene, one might decide to use gas or a liquid to present the cannabis, which has been considered to increase bioavailability. In terpenes, there are unique biological effects that help various patients to obtain specific types of symptom relief—microbial testing focus on searching for identifiable harmful bacteria. After adopting medical cannabis laws in Florida, the classification of chemovar became one of the local issues to consider due to its method of testing.

Chronic Pain Treatment

Based on research suggest, the various forms of cannabis which can be used to create and treat chronic pain include THC and CBD. The two are the most promising and abundant cannabinoids for marijuana. While being considered a pain-relieving property to most users, they are not the only compounds found in cannabis. Others exert a positive influence on human health and minimize its chronic. In the cannabis plant, there is a mixture of compounds that comprise of terpenes, flavonoids, and phytocannabinoids, and these compounds influence our neurochemistry relief. These compounds work out together synergistically, and they led to a better change and improvement in pain relief. The use of THC and CBD helps one to mitigate side effects related to pain and enhance efficacy.

Various studies have confirmed that CBD helps our bodies to counteract with some sedative, anxiety, and any issue related to rapid heartbeat. The CBD has been found to extend the half-life of the THC, and this helps a patient to have some pain-relieving benefits. CBD has vast benefits of treating pain when used alone as it exhibits enhancement changes which are credential to the patient. When used alone, it can treat for inflammatory pain, mostly caused by injury and arthritis. The CBD reduces neuropathic pain, which leads to suppression due to its chronic inflammation. The only beneficial interest of CBD in reducing pain is regarded as the focus of inflammation. Various people use the THC in treating pain as it helps relieve the central and neuropathic pain. The THC is considered in clinics as it reduces pains in AIDS, cancer among other diseases. The THC considered in most of partial CB1 receptor acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Overall, to treat chronic, there is a need to consider the CBD and THC among the other forms of cannabis.

Medicinal Cannabis

It is confirmed that cannabis has various positive benefits irrespective of how it is being consumed. People are consuming medicinal and recreational cannabis, but there are numerous differences in their legislation and other aspects. The significant difference which arises between medical and recreational cannabis is based on cannabidiol (CBD) and also tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The use of THC makes people always feel high. Therefore, the CBD and THC has difference of its use. The recreational cannabis is considered to have more THC content than in medicinal CBD. Frequent users of marijuana have developed medical benefits due to the higher CBD ratio. The cannabis with a high CBD content has been proved to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, among other properties, for ones use.

Legal Use

Each of the cannabis expressed above has its legal influence on the user. In various nations, recreational marijuana has been faced with legal restrictions. Those who are using it have to hide as its use is not legalized. The medicinal view of cannabis is currently being accepted due to its vast benefits. Many states and governments have given a platform of legalizing medicinal marijuana. Its legal status and use by various have made medicinal cannabis to be accessed easily by many people.

Ease of Availability

For those who are found in possession of any cannabis in a place/area which is legalized, they are banned and faced with severe jail time. In various areas where recreational marijuana is not legalized, its access becomes hectic. For instance, in the United States, the CBD, which comes from hemp, is legally accepted due to its massive influence on medicinal value and purpose. Most of the laws related to this use of cannabis in various nations have not been relaxed, and it becomes hard for us to access and have the products available. There are other differences related to benefits to the user, its purpose on ones use, and quality. There is a need for regulation of cannabis as most users might not have experience of its shopping.


Synthetic chemistry plays a crucial role in natural compound development where its role arises from the innovation of the synthetic methods used. Synthetic chemistry is considered as a pre-requisite for any of complex natural compound developments. It is not only potent but also has the desire for its metabolism distribution, and it’s on its low toxicity. For example, one can use synthetic chemistry in converting of lead molecule into a drug which has to consider the desired metabolism and toxicity profile. Though natural products are too complex to allow synthetic chemistry, their structure makes it easy to have that transformational relationship. Techniques used in this natural compound developments must be versatile to ensure that the synthetic chemistry method accelerates its optimization up to a complimentary scale. The excellence and innovation of synthetic chemistry will continue to be critical towards the success of all phases of natural development. The innovation of synthetic chemistry in natural compound developments ensures that its practice creates more opportunities for new users. This can transform a practice compound, e.g., a drug, into transition development, which might take some years.

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