Essay Example on Adjustment Difficulties in Adolescence

Published: 2019-09-17
Essay Example on Adjustment Difficulties in Adolescence
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Adjustment disorders can be described as a group of conditions that can occur when you have difficulty coping with a stressful life event. In adolescence, it is mostly witnessed when they are passing from childhood to adulthood. The inability to adjust to the stressful event can cause an adolescence to have severe psychological symptoms and sometimes even physical symptoms. These can be eating disorder, depression, suicide.

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Eating Disorder

Eating disorders can be viewed as a condition characterized by irregular eating habits and severe distress or concern about body weight or shape. Eating disturbances may include less or excessive food intakes which can finally affect the individuals wellbeing.

Role of Control

Adolescence exercising control can take the correct amount of food without fear of gaining weight. In youth, power in helps the individual not to lose control in his or her eating habits.

Lack of Control

Lack of control in youths affects their eating behaviors and hence the development of some eating disorder. Eating too much food or lack of monitoring will make them have the fear of gaining excessive weight hence affect their health. It can also enhance their ability to refuse to take food so that it may not damage their body image.


Role of control

In adolescence control helps to adjust to the stressful event. Adolescents who are in control will never act anxiously or have a withdrawn attitude as this will avert a depression. Adolescence having control will never lack concentration, have loss of self-esteem or cry anyhow. These help them to know how to be sure of themselves and the changes occurring to them and hence avert a depression.

Lack of control

Adolescents who are undergoing lack of control will always feel the loss of self-worth and eventually cause depression. They will exhibit some behavior such as acting rebellious or impulsive and feel like the whole world hates them .this can lead to the depressed individual. Without control, they will always feel sad, hopeless or even trapped .this can cause the engage in behavior that their result is depression.


Treating oneself as an object, having a self-image that is negative, as well as hopelessness are among the many features that has been linked with suicide. Control will help adolescents to be cautious his or he action .with control one will never use whatever is available to him like the firearm to commit suicide. With control, a one will not indulge in drugs and acute or chronic alcohol. This will make the individual be alert always of his or her actions and avoid suicide

Lack of Control

Lack of o control will elevate the dangers associated with suicide in adolescence. They may have negative self-image which can lead to the individual committing suicide. Without control the youth can engage in drug and alcohol which makes the individual to be trapped in intoxication which can trigger suicidal thoughts.

Concerns of Clinicians and Researchers

Clinicians and investigators are concerned with adolescence who suffers from the above problem since they can have damaging health effects, like brain damage, many-organ failure, bone loss, heart difficulties, and infertility. These can eventually cause death. These disorders make the person behave in a unsocial manner and cannot integrate with the society effectively. They can also require help which can be either medical, counseling therapy. These problems can make the adolescence useless in the society. When the individual engages in alcohol or drugs, he becomes intoxicated making him inactive and of no value to the society.

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