Free Essay. Cambodia Should Set Up Rehabilitation Centers

Published: 2023-02-08
Free Essay. Cambodia Should Set Up Rehabilitation Centers
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In a country like Cambodia, where criminal cases are high rehabilitation centers will help to curb drug addicts and also the young people who are addicted and lost in crime. A rehabilitation center can be of essence because most people are not in crime because they want. So, the rehabilitation centers will help to educate the young people on other essential things to do other than crime. The centers are equipped with medical services that will help the drug addicts to end their addiction and stop abusing drugs (Pakes, 2005). They also have training centers for young people, where they can be educated and trained with technical skills that will help them do things and earn money from it. The reformed people who go through training will face society with courage and durable molds. Rehabilitation centers can be used to reform criminal justice in Cambodia because it helps people addicted to crime with skills that will help them in the future.

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A Children's Rights Office in Cambodia Should Be Set Up

In some cases, it happens that children find themselves in crime. In Cambodia, if a children's right office can be set up, it can educate children on their rights when in crime. The public should also be aware of children's rights to avoid them being violated. A network should be created generally even at the necessary levels to educate everyone on children's rights who can find themselves in crime. Criminal justice can be reformed if the people understand even a child who is in crime has his or her rights before the pronunciation of judgment in court.

Women's Rights Office in Cambodia

Women have become involved in criminal cases at large rates in Cambodia. The country will reform criminal justice if a women's rights office is introduced to inform women of their rights when in crime (Stutsman, 2017). The office also protects those women who have not gone through trials and ensure the parties involved in investigations do not violate their rights. Before investigations are done, the women, who are claimed to have committed the crime are supposed to have freedom which will be monitored by the women's office. The office should advocate for social and legal changes that will enhance the reformation of criminal justice in Cambodia.

The Country Should Ensure Judges are Honest

Criminal injustice happens mostly because the judges make a judgment with dishonesty. Most people who are in prison were not involved in the criminal cases they were pronounced with. The judges make most decisions out of their selfish desires to benefit from the most influential parties who are in court (Killean, 2018). Criminal injustice happens when people in crime are judged is-appropriately in cases they were not involved in. The country should ensure that judges who make judgments in courts are intelligent in making decisions and are honest in their pronunciation of judgment.

Genuine Pronunciation of Judgment for Criminals

Criminals should be given genuine judgment on the crimes they committed. In Cambodia, if people get judgments that are equal to the crimes they have committed, criminal justice will be reformed (Pakes, 2005). Most people are serving imprisonment that does not equal the crime they committed. A murder crime is not the same as the crime of stealing small things in a shop, for example. So, a person pronounced with a murder crime should serve a longer imprisonment term. On the other hand, a person who stole small things in a shop serves a shorter imprisonment term. Criminal justice can be reformed if the judgment pronounced to criminals equals their crime.


In conclusion, the proposal has shown various cases of crime, which has included different groups in the general public. The report has looked at the rights of children and women in crime, and how their cases should be handled before their judgment. On the other hand, the report has looked at different ideas on how to reform criminal justice in Cambodia. The country should be ready to set up those various offices. That will help in monitoring and assessing the progress of persons awaiting judgment for a crime they have committed. If the country introduces and accepts to work with those various ideas, criminal justice will reform positively.


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