Education Essay Example: NAEYC Standard 5 and 6 Reflective Statements

Published: 2022-10-04
Education Essay Example: NAEYC Standard 5 and 6 Reflective Statements
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The standards and guidelines that regulate the childhood education are formulated by the The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). The standards are formulated and subdivided into specific classes. Standard 5 and 6 are among the known classes. The 5th standard specifically highlights the importance of proper nutrition to young learners. Young kids have developing minds which require balanced diets for growth. Lutton and Ahmed (2009) have a special interest in the health of kids which is essential in their education life. Routine practices such as handwashing are supposed to be enhanced by the teachers. At the same time, a clean environment is part of the health and safety requirements. On the same note, there is the sixth standard which is primarily on school staffing policies. The NAEYC has set conditions that teaching professionals have to meet to be part of the teaching fraternity. Professional competence is a critical point in childhood education with a proper understanding of language (Hyson & Biggar, 2006). The professionals have to be adequately trained on the specific program required for early childhood education.

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The Relevance of NAEYC 5th and 6th Standards

The 5th and 6th standards set by the NAEYC have been a critical point in the growth of my profession. The standards have played a vital role in the understanding of childhood education requisites. At the same time, it is an added advantage since the curriculum prepares some of us to be responsible parents. The standards form a framework for childhood education. The need for professionalism is greatly highlighted in standard 6. Professionalism ensures that the young get care equivalent to their age. The role of the 5th standard cannot be ignored as well. It has played a vital role in the nutrition and health of kids which is an important part of childhood growth and education.

Actions Taken

Implementation of the above standards requires a sheer determination as well as dedication. I have taken it upon myself to be part of the implementation procedures. Two years ago when I joined this particular institution, matters of childhood education were not a big deal. I was surprised to find out the majority of the teachers in the institution had not gone through the basic training required for early education teachers. I had a hell of a time trying to convince the school head that it was wrong and after a long battle, the school agreed to sponsor the individual to go and attain their education. The health of the children is another thing that I have done best to ensure it is well maintained. Currently, the children are programs that train them on the importance of hand washing and how to do it. Interestingly, am the one who was given the responsibility training the kids. Kids have young brains that are likely to store any information with relative ease. In case things are done using the current pace, schools will be perfect places for young children. Matters of nutrition are also being considered. The snacks provided do not meet the nutritional requirements that there are plans put in place to rectify.

The NAEYC has done its best in ensuring that there are set regulations and standards in young children education. It is therefore upon the respective institutions to ensure that they comply with the set measures. The 5th standard stipulates on the issue of children diet and health as well as their role in young education. The importance of professional competence is emphasized in standard 6. Members of the teaching fraternity have to do work as a team and see the implementation of the set standards.


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