Free Essay on Buying a New Car

Published: 2019-10-01
Free Essay on Buying a New Car
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In order to buy a new car, you have to make one of the biggest financial decisions as far as your wallet is concerned, car purchase involves, a considerable amount of research and decision-making. Car hunting can be made simpler if the buyer is well-informed about steady factors which the buyer requires so as to make smart decisions. Car purchasing is a very large venture of both time and money, and therefore shouldn't be taken as a light subject. In fact by following a few simple steps and conducting some research, car purchasing can be an easy project and fun as well.

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When buying a new car price considerations, tax, tag, registration fee, and repair fee if it's needed should be calculated based on the following factors, according to the choice of your car. The county of registration, Car weight, license plate, state of residence, sales tax of new cars. The registration fee for the car owner is centered on class and the weight of the vehicle while the vehicle tax is centered on class, owner, and residence of the car purchaser.

Car Price- $35,000

Registration fee- $268

Tax rates: Federal incentives- $3,750

: Rebates -$ 1,500

Fixing prices- will be determined over time with its depreciation rate.

Car budget around - $ 100,000

The first thing I would consider is the car of my choice. I have chosen a new Ford C- Max Energi. Why? Because I love the car, it's fast, comfortable with a marvelous interior decor and a stunning exterior look this is what got me attracted to it.

Exterior and Interior Characteristics

Since it's an electric car it's made in such a way that it has an intelligence access key button, just by the push of a button the car starts and it's off to go. Ford C- Max Energi has an advanced generation smart guide which provides real-time information that helps the drive have full access of the plug-in Hybrid. The car also entails illumined charge ports located in between the left front wheel and the driver's door, the port produces by quadrants lights which indicates current charge levels. Ford C-Max Energi offers a system of pedestrian detection with a parking capability. The car has a small camera just behind the rearview mirror that monitors the road ahead, it also has sensors in the car which informs the driver of undetected traffic in case of a blind spot. Ford has a new system of entertainment and communication which enables the car owner to start the car, lock it or unlock just by the use of a smart phone or a remote control. With a stainless steel door-scuff number plate, it's also specialized with a remote lift gate.

However, Kelly Blue Book provides three actual prices for their Ford C-Max Energi brand namely

Fair prices- $ 30,784

Invoice- $ 31,216

MSRP- $ 32,645

In comparison with Cars. Com which sells its brand (Ford C- Max Energy) at

Fair Price- $ 34,065

MSRP-$ 34,065

Kelly Blue Book brand seems to be underpriced this means that they are below the market prices. From the car prices to its general overall performance I think C-Max is pretty close to a perfect car. In the meanwhile I used the criteria of a four door car and at least an average of 40MPG, Ford C- Max Energi had spec's which ranged from 40-42. I was actually surprised by the cargo room behind the back seats which had a flat even better than my rear door, which in comparison to other cars makes it to come out more even. According to my expectations I thought the car would be considerably smaller, less versatile and an uncomfortable kind of vehicle so as per achieving 46 MPG that this car entails. But this isn't so this car gives out 46 MPG by which I don't really understand how the car is rated 42/37.

Each state and county has specific laws to be followed that gives an outline of the types of insurance a car owner is obligated to have. Insurance coverages ought to be different depending on the place of residence. In my case I would take the following insurance covers.

Collision cover- for repair purposes ($ 5,000)

Comprehensive cover- covers the car if it's stolen/damage in an accident ($ 5000)

Liability cover- For personal or group injury ($15,000 or up to $20,000)

Why? Because they cover for my safety "personal injury", car damages, and repair purposes. I have taken action to lower the vehicle insurance rates through the cars safety features which could help me as an insurer to spend less on the auto insurance.

New car discount of -30%

Premium plus discounts - 35%

Ez pay plan discount 5%


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