Essay Sample on Why Millennials Are Not Getting Married

Published: 2019-11-25 17:14:03
Essay Sample on Why Millennials Are Not Getting Married
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Marriage is defined as a legal commitment between a man and woman as partners in a relationship. A greater concern has been raised that most of the millennial generations are not getting married. This paper will look at some of the reasons the millennial generations are not getting married looking at some of the changes that have taken place from the previous generations.

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Marriage is becoming less highly-regarded

In the past, marriage was high-regarded. The newly wedded in the community were respected and showered with gifts and blessings from the community members. Today, marriage is not what it was long before when a young man would date a young woman, have a few months of courtship and then finally get engaged (Henderson, 2014). In some occasions, the family of the two partners would arrange for the marriage and the two would live forever happily without considering many other things people consider today.

I think that the millennial generation has a lot of demands that sometimes remain unmet by those close to them. For instance, a millennial lady will say she was a tall dark handsome guy who is financially stable. However, with the financial instability that most of the millennial generation faces due to unemployment, they fail to meet the demands of their generation. In the end, the girl will get married at a later age, after they have lowered their demands to a level their generation can work with. Those who insist, however, end up in a relationship with a divorced man or end up totally single.

Havent found the right person

Marriage is a lifetime commitment. The commitment must be made with the right person. According to Luscombe (2014), research shows that 30% of single millennial generation says that they have not yet married because they have not yet found the right match. According to what I think, globalization and the use of the internet where social media rule a bigger percentage of our activities has changed the manner in which people view themselves. The millennial generation is undoubtedly the highest users of the social media and the internet. Online dating where one has intimacy with a person they have never met physically gives an individual that feeling of completeness. It is this feeling of completeness that fogs our eyesight to an extent that we no longer have any need for being in a relationship with another person that we will eventually marry us. It can be concluded that the use of the internet and interactions with people from other places have changed the view the millennial generation have towards marriage. The former generations were less unpurified with imported cultures and beliefs. As the world turns out to be a global village and different views shared, the millennial generation has learned not to get married.

Marriage is more of timing than a necessity

The tune is changing from one generation to the next. As the previous generations viewed marriage as a necessity and a rite of passage, the millennial generation is having a different view all the same. According to this generation, you do not marry because you have to or because your friend has done so, but because you really need to do so and you have already settled and found the right fit.

I believe that this way of thinking has been motivated by the experience most of these people have passed through. Domestic violence, and divorce, which is common among the previous generations, has given the millennial generation a point to get worried. Take an example of a young man, who was raised by a single father because his parents divorced. A child who was raised in a divorced family will be fearful to get married as they think they will have to face the same thing their mother or father faced. Therefore, the millennial generation is not getting married as the former generations because they fear to repeat the same mistakes their parents made.

I am not yet ready

Ask a 25 year old American why they are not planning to get married, the answer you will get is always the same, I am not yet ready. In terms of readiness, some will say that they need to be financially and psychologically stable before they get married. Research shows that compared with any other generation, 33% of the millennial generation says that they are not ready to settle. According to Fondas (2013), some millennial get frustrated with student loans, job and career stress, and long working hours that few of them considers marriage.

We are still young. We need to enjoy our youth.

The Bible says that we must enjoy our youth as it is like a smoke when it goes up in the thin air, it will never come back to us. According to personal experience, the millennial generation is not getting married any sooner. This is a generation full of life, entertainment everywhere. Who will risk getting into a commitment that will tie then at home on a Friday night to babysit? It is the fear that this generation has that when married, their youth will be gone that makes them not to want to get married. Additionally, according to Alcorn (2013), some of the millennial think life is all about work and getting at the top of the management ladder. Overworking makes some of them not to concentrate on social life. Conclusion

It can be deduced that it is true the millennial generation is not getting married as their predecessors. Some of the reasons that have been cited include the low regards marriage has among the generation as compared to the past. Additionally, a bigger percentage of the millennial generation think marriage is a matter of timing and not a necessity and that they need to fully enjoy their youth before getting committed.

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