How to Minister to Prostitutes, Religion Essay Sample

Published: 2022-03-28
How to Minister to Prostitutes, Religion Essay Sample
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As human beings, we all make mistakes, either knowingly or unknowingly. As a minister, one is not supposed to judge the people whom he or she is sharing the word of God with. Some might be thieves, murderers and all the negative things one can think of. But who are we to judge? Our responsibility lies in the molding of the individual from a negative path to a straight path. One of the hardest people to minister to is prostitutes. The main issue being the nature of their work and the commitment it needs for one to achieve positive results. It's vital first to know the reason as to why they are prostitutes for one to have a picture of their lives.

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There are those who are sex slaves. An example can be a lady from the Philippines is promised a lucrative job in the United States. They are then smuggled into the country hoping for a better future for their families. When they reach the United States the kind of work they thought they will do is now what they get. They are forced into prostitution or their families back home will be hurt or even killed. For fear of losing their families they comply. Others became prostitutes due to the tough economic times. You will find either they are in college or work. The money they get cannot support them and their families. So they decide to dive into the profession for the extra income. Others are drug addicts who just want cash to cater for their addictions.

Because of the characteristic of their work, one has to be on the streets past midnight till late. It is paramount to go as a group consisting of both male and females. This will ensure safety and also police will not mistake you for someone soliciting for sex. For your efforts to bear fruits consistency, patience and understanding are essential virtues. One has to create a rapport with them so there can be trust between you and them. One can start by purchasing for them breakfast and trying to just have a chat with them. After they have started to know you and your motive you can bringing them gifts such as clothes, vouchers to go and buy foodstuffs. As you do this, they will start opening up and telling you their situations and what led them to the life they are living. Ensure to get their names and it's polite not to forget. Each day at the end of the visit, you can inquire if you can pray for them.

Most of the ladies are controlled by pimps and it is a sound idea if you get to know him. He might think you want to take "his" girls away. This ministry is challenging. The prostitutes can transform after some time they relapse and go back. It really needs a lot of persistence, praying and encouraging. Even when the number of prostitutes you have saved is low, it's no easy task. It is also important to have a drug addiction support group for those who are addicted to drugs. Everyone deserves a second chance in life even the prostitutes. They might have made bad choices in their lives but let's not make those choices be their destiny. If we all put a little effort in our ministry we can still direct them to the right path.

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