Essay Sample on Cultural Anthropology: Kosher Chinese

Published: 2023-03-30
Essay Sample on Cultural Anthropology: Kosher Chinese
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Cultural Anthropology is an anthropology branch which focuses itself on exploring the varying culture amongst humanity. It contrasts social anthropology since social anthropology perceives cultural variance as a division of the anthropological perpetual. Cultural anthropology addresses comprehensive questions concerning the meaning of humanity in existing in cultures and societies, and inclusive of the topical past. This paper briefly explains what cultural anthropology means and plots a synopsis of the book entitled Kosher Chinese: Living, Teaching, and Eating with China's Other Billion written by Michael Levy. An explanation of what the book entails and its understanding is also inclusive.

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Cultural anthropologists discover in systematic ways matters dealing with material culture and technology, legal and political systems, social organization, religions and religions, illness and health, social transformation and economies. The notion of culture itself hallmarks cultural anthropology. In the book Kosher Chinese, the dynamic memoir of helping in the Peace Corps in Guiyang, China, Levy searches a community in fluctuation while drawing out the amusing if conversant topography of cross-cultural misunderstanding.

He scuffles to make an explanation in English jargon to the students who translate their names unknowingly into invectives, is compelled into consuming the field at Dog Meat King, and explores that the community doubts him not purely for the reason that he is American, but it is because he is Jewish. But Levy transforms his apparent otherness to his benefit, earning the pseudonym "Friendship Jew" and was tapped to be a leader of a student association, the Guizhou University Jewish Friday Night English and Cooking Corner Club, an unusual supplementary movement in a culture Levy discovers devoid of similar chances.

Pop culture allusions proliferate: The Matrix is wholly name patterned as if to propose that Levy is clutching for awareness in a far-off terrestrial, but their ubiquity got irritating. Absurdity works superlatively at the time Levy expenditures them to explicit to kinds of stuff of deeper implication, like the China westernization.


Religion is the certainty in and devotion of superhuman authoritative power, particularly personal gods or God. In other words, religion is may also be depicted as an amalgamated system of practices and philosophies relative to consecrated items, which join into a single ethical society known as a Church.

The prehistoric Jewish communal of Kaifeng, in the central part of China, was undergoing a religious and cultural revitalization until a current government crackdown, that has conveyed a ban on joint worship and forced the foreign Jewish clusters out.


Globalization is the procedure by which trades or other affiliations develop intercontinental impact or start operating on a worldwide scale. When scripting the book, the author aims to recount his encounters when operating in China, exclusively how he brawls to generate a balance amongst respect for other culture, that is not even lesser to his, and the desire to offer a sharing of his proficiencies and viewpoint of his American beliefs.

Political Leadership

Political leadership is a notion central to accepting political procedures and results, yet its description is subtle. Most of the castigations have subsidized the exploration of leadership, inclusive of political concepts, antiquity, mindset and management scholarships. Levy came to comprehend that the Chinese populace has fervent loyalty regardless of the deficiency in democracy. He says that they consider the 1989 carnage of activists in Tiananmen Square as olden history. Currently, in his philosophy vocation in America, Levy has distinctive guidance for his American scholars who want to apprehend China.

In conclusion, humanity survives and conducts itself in a huge diversity of customs, and what is right and immoral may be very diverse from one group to another.

Human beings are biotic, compliant beings that are greatly prejudiced by nature we get ourselves in and everything we learn from other people and it.

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