Essay Example on Alcohol Abuse

Published: 2019-06-26
Essay Example on Alcohol Abuse
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Alcohol abuse is an example of drinking that outcome in mischief to one's wellbeing, interpersonal connections, or capacity to work. As stated by Lankford (2007), Alcohol abuse is connected with suicide as seen from Mr. Potts condition that has generated heart effects. They express the danger of suicide as being high in more established men who have a past filled with drinking, and also those afflictions from misery. Certain appearances of Alcohol abuse incorporate inability to satisfy obligations at work, school, or home; drinking in perilous circumstances, including the operation of an engine vehicle; legitimate concerns connected with liquor utilize; and kept drinking notwithstanding issues that are created or exacerbated by drinking. Mr. Pott has never attended any of his children school meetings, he has never paid for tour fee nor does he even know his childrens friends. Alcohol abuse can prompt liquor dependence in that from Mr. Potts point of view; he has made it a necessity that he has to depend on the alcohol. When at home, his daughter pities and gets him alcohol from the refrigerator. According to Lankford (2007), alcohol abuse is consolidated with liquor reliance to make one bound together issues that incorporates a reviewed clinical seriousness.

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Alcohol abuse has both fleeting and long haul dangers. On the off chance that a man tries to solve a problem while intoxicated, there is a higher probability that the conversation between the two involved people may end up with a fight or disagreement. Mrs. Pott is a victim of circumstance, in this case, and she cannot afford to have a conversation with her husband since she fears being abused violently. Transient misuse of liquor incorporate, yet are not restricted to, savagery, wounds, unprotected sexual exercises and, moreover, social and monetary problems.

The reason for alcohol is mind boggling. Alcohol misuse is identified with financial and natural starting points and is connected with unfavorable well-being consequences. When Mrs. Pott is questioned in school about their daughter not being able to participate in an educational trip, she argues that there is no money while it is evident that Mr. Pott is misusing the money on alcohol jeopardizing the entire family. Peer weight impacts people to mishandle liquor; on the other hand, the vast majority of the impact of associates is because of the erroneous view of the dangers of alcohol abuse. According to Watkins (2012), simple availability of liquor is a reason individuals take part in alcohol misuse as this substance is effortlessly acquired in shops.

Because of too much alcohol use, Mr. Pott has never had enough time to mingle with his children to an extent that one of the children has started being disrespectful to both parents. This has happened because Cindy has no hope especially from the father who has evolved to become a heavy drinker. Each character from Mr. Pott has a role to play making the story to be seen as one of the reflections being witnessed in the current generation. Mrs. Pott plays a responsible housewife who is left with the responsibilities of running the family. Sara and Cindy reflect two children being brought up from a family trying to escape the evil of alcohol use. Sara has compassion while Cindy is a dont care type of a child who needs the discipline to correct her.


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