Andreas Ekstrom: The Moral Bias

Published: 2022-08-01
Andreas Ekstrom: The Moral Bias
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Andreas Ekstrom in his speech addresses common challenges experienced as a result of using search engines. According to Ekstrom (2015), using various search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google is very vital as it allows clients to obtain data from various websites most of the information more quickly. However, there are known common challenges such as moral biases behind our search results. Many people believe and trust that they always get unbiased information while using Google, the most popular search engine in the world; however, we find that sometimes we get unbiased information since programmers and software engineers coding can manually eliminate and add some information according to their individual beliefs and preferences (Ekstrom, 2015).

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Consequently, people actually need to clearly understand the truth behind most of the results they have access to from Google and other search engines. This is very important consideration to make as any information or images can always be manipulated in negative or positive way. Additionally, behind algorithms, there is someone who will most of the time manipulate portrayed information (Ekstrom, 2015). Ekstrom, (2015) argued that the most of the information we are trying to access depends entirely on how they are filtered. However, there are some other sources of information that are very vital and are known to contain accurate information: libraries resources.

Library resources are very important as they provide facts and are less manipulative unlike search engines (Ekstrom, 2015). As a result search engines like Google and other search engines become untrustworthy and unreliable sources of accurate information. Google does not always have all the data that one may be looking for. However, most trustworthy, reliable, precise and accurate information can be found from library resources that Google may not have access to (Ekstrom, 2015). Library resources always have peer-reviewed and scholarly information whose authenticity cannot be questioned. This result in a big difference between the information we get from Google and library resources. Additionally, library resources are known to contain a wealth of comprehension needed for extensive research. Moreover, according to Ekstrom, (2015), library resources do cite materials that are always concomitant to the subject an individual may need.

Google always contain fixed algorithms that search for the entire answers one may need, nevertheless, open-ended answers that an individual may be looking for may not exist when one gets into the sphere of deeper scientific information and thoughts that may need scholarly articles. This, therefore, brings the difference between the results obtained though Google search and library resources (Ekstrom, 2015). Having known the level of authenticity, credibility, and trustworthiness of information we get from these two diverse sources, it is more likely for one to turn for library resources as a source of information. This is because, there is no one behind algorithms that will manually manipulate information we need, thereby eliminating unbiased information reaching people. Additionally, this will further ensure that there is harmony and togetherness since obtaining faultless data is crucial because of how we have been connected together.


Ekstrom, A. (2015, January). Andreas Ekstrom: The moral bias behind your search results [Video file]. Retrieved from

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