The Ultimate Way to Seek Solitude - Article Review Essay Example

Published: 2022-08-18
The Ultimate Way to Seek Solitude - Article Review Essay Example
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In her article, "The Ultimate Way to Seek Solitude" describes Lisa Abend's experience in the Remote Northern area of Loch Hourn in Scotland. The purpose of this narration abed seeks to express her knowledge to her audience on the revelation and pleasant experience during the trip. As much as she is trying to give the third party reader the spectacle characteristics in the voyage, it is evident that she also needed the trip more to gain her peace of mind due to the current lack of peace of mind and irritation from the modern civilization. This urge for self-seeking was evident on how she was irritated by the two male passages seated in front of her in the train from Glasgow to Fort William. From this experience, Abend shows her sensitivity to the civilian world and her desperation to get out of touch with any of the things that were connecting her to civilization to Inverie.

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In the article, the narrative is intended to address hike travelers as inspiration evidence of the visit to the mountainous forest region of Barisdale. The narrator wants to convince her audience of the best natural region to go for therapy to seek isolation from civilization and have some quality time by oneself. Her audience consists of other travelers willing to have spectacular time deep in natural habitat to understand their personality and inner peace. These category of the audience are people with a troubled mind and emotional breakdown because of everyday pressure and in dire need of a break from all the hustles of everyday coping with civilization and loneliness. This category of people do not believe in other therapeutic facilitation of stress and other related disorders but are willing to have their own soul searching to build their self-confidence. These type of audience are irritated with their everyday pressure in modern life and are in constant conflict with other people thus, needing time alone to seek their personal reconciliation with self. In the post, Abend is trying to share her experience and recommendations for future travelers who want to find their soul out of solitude.

The wise idea in abend's argument on taking a private cottage for her accommodation at the bothy shelter because her sense of going away from routine life was to stay away from everybody else. She needed her time to create peace with herself without getting annoyance from other people's businesses that did not concern her like how she was irritated by the conversation on the train when the men were talking things that mattered more to them. Again, Abend's argument on seeking solitude healing by interacting with nature was a practical idea. It was smart of her to interact with the environment to find silence and consilience with her soul. Moreover, taking this trip out of any temptations to reach out to the civilization in the industrial world makes her idea of the whole trip very spectacular and effective. For instance, when she felt bored and reached for the phone, it was out of the service area so she could not get any temptations to connect with other people other than being alone in the soul-search mission.

However, her arguments in some of the decisions she made do not make a thoughtful contribution to her mission. For instance, the determination of leaving the cottage house at her accommodation without a guide or anyone knowing her whereabouts was not very wise because of her safety concerns. Again, her unprecedented walk on the trails with the assumptions she would retrace her tracks back was an indeliberate mistake to make in an unfamiliar place out of reach with civilization. Further, the argument that she would meet with the truck that had made trails on the ground was a wrong line of thought because the situation she was in it was not possible to trust anyone.

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