Free Essay Sample on Business Advertisements

Published: 2019-09-24
Free Essay Sample on Business Advertisements
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Any businesses need to make the proper choices of the means of advertisements for the advertisement to be effective in terms of coverage and other factors. The mode of publicizing should be cost effective for the company it should be able to yield the best results which bear a gross profit to the business rather than a loss. Among other factors the company should first check on the distribution of the specific publication which can be accomplished by simply checking on the readership of the publication. Secondly the company should consider the time period between the advertisement and the disposure of their product to the market. The timing should be such that by time the audience gets the advertisement, the product is readily available for the customer.

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Most importantly, the company wishing to advertise should have well defined objectives for the purposed promotion. This objective then defines the channel that is most suitable for the advertisement. Depending on exposure, rate of recurrence and media impact a good means of publicizing is selected. The company should have a reasonable budgeted cost that will ensure maximal exposure (coverage) of the advertisement effectively without digging too much into the businesses financial being. The company should consider what their emphasis of appeal that is on the best means they will charm their customers and through which media.

Moreover the company should consider what audience they are targeting. This determines whether the company should use a mode of advertisement with a wide exposure and limited occurrence or one with a narrow exposure and a higher occurrence. Finally, the business has to choose a mode of publicizing that incurs the lowest cost of circulation such that the business is able to keep track of the number of prospects the promotion has reached over a given period of time.

Various means of advertisement are readily available whose choice is governed by the factors outlined above. Virgin Media set out to upgrade their broadband hence initiated a national crusade where they used Usain Bolt as the advertising celebrity figure. This advert was carried out through three common modes of advertisement: Internet, Television and Billboards. The promotion was thus very effective.

The television was a good choice of advertisement bearing in mind that most of the population in the world and specifically the UK (63M people) have access to the television; the media ensured a wide coverage. The TV adverts have a number of merits associated: wide coverage thus reaching a large number of target audiences; they are flexible in terms of time of the geographical regions they reach and the time of the day they can be displayed to the audience; the adverts deliver the message more effectively since both audio and visual aspects are easily incorporated into the adverts. In this case, the target group is attracted by both the music or sounds and the images in the advert. The main drawbacks with TV adverts are the high cost incurred and the time used on each advert. A quality TV advert may require hiring of an advertising company. On top of hiring, the advert will require more time for it to be of good quality otherwise the advert will be of poor quality and simply result to a waste of resources.

The company employed the internet and the social media which have the major merits of low cost and wide coverage. This involved uploading of video clips for the advertisement on YouTube. A wider audience including all those who could access the World Wide Web could access this advert in any part of the world. This was an inexpensive mode of promotion especially since it involved use of Husain Bolt, a public figure too many. The number of views of the video clip also served as a good indication of the extent of circulation of the advert. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook acted as the best social network platforms to circulate the Usain Bolt advert. These majorly targeted the youth especially those who are into sports or those who look up to Bolt. Facebook was a major avenue where the advert circulation thrived since it is used by a larger portion of the target population including most of who dont use Instagram and/or Twitter. The only drawback with the internet as a mode of advertisement is that it is only available to those with access to the internet.

Billboards were mainly used targeting road users including pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. The billboards acted as a sneak peek of what the main advertisement on television and the internet conveyed. The billboards were presented in an attractive way and thus meant to lure the public into watching the advert. The main merit associated with billboards is that they are readily available to many and are a cheap means of advertisement. Though they has a limited coverage, the billboards are mostly used for small promotions especially for products whose market targets are the motorists.

Various companies called Advertising agencies offer aid to their clients to make the right decisions during the entry into a new market. They also implement promotional ideas such as internet and other broadcasts advertisements. They help their clients acquire slots (space and time) for for their advertisements. They plan, conduct promotion crusades, initiate market research and oversee the whole promotion process for their clients.

Notably, the agencies mainly work for companies with great reputations and are thus expected to deliver high quality work especially due to the lump sum amount of money they are paid. Furthermore, there exists a stiff competition between these agencies probing each company to be creative and diverse in the services they provide to different clients which are in line with the specific product and objectives for advertisement of that individual client company.

The agencies also provide advertising services to small businesses which lack a big financial power. They offer these services on a limited scale in which case they offer only a portion of an advertisement campaign to the client business such as an online publicizing. I n some cases, the agencies merge so as to provide unique services to different clients involving insights in new areas whereby the different agencies combine their ideas and resources to come up with a better hybrid idea.

The main roles of these agencies can be outlined as follows: Firstly they offer advertising services. They thereby come up with new and outstanding ideas which define details such as specific packaging of the advertised product. This packaging is supposed to have a good visual impression to the customers so as prompts them into buying the product. This also includes the choice of the product to be advertised firm and the channel of advertisement stating the advertising company and the involved sponsors of the advert.

Secondly, the agencies offer copywriting services. Here, the agencies produce the advertisements in written and graphic form on brochures, catalogues, special booklets and poster for official display within the clients premises, in the streets and within the city buildings. This is an important part of advertising which offers a summarized and cheap way of conveying an adverts information.

Thirdly, the agency offer services of proofreading and checking the appropriateness of an advert with the clients officials and with some members of the public before the advert is released to the general public. This ensures that the adverts will have maximum favorable impact when it reaches the target audience.

An example of an advertising company is Saatchi &Saatchi also called Fallon. This company advertises on an international level, ranked third best worldwide. Hiring such a company hence requires a lot of financial aid. This company once advertised for Cadbury Company. An epic advert, produced in 2007, was a hilarious video which involved a gorilla playing drums to the tune of Phil Collins song called something in the air tonight. This advert was very effective especially on the main Cadbury target audience which is mainly contained of kids and other youngsters who enjoy eating chocolate. It also attracted many into buying Daily Milk chocolate. Such funny adverts have a wide coverage since they are preferentially given attention by people. Fallon was able to connect with the audience in a memorable and unique way which demonstrated vividly the ability of Cadburys product as an ultimate source of happiness. This advert portrayed Cadbury as an exceptional company and at the same time accredited Fallons company as capable of delivering exceptionally creative adverts for various products.

There are different kinds of advertising media based on the geographical regions they can reach. They include the local, regional, national, international and internet media. Local media are used to advertise on local basis. An example is the York Press which is a local newspaper. This type of media is not suitable for large companies such as Cadbury since such need an larger coverage based on the geographical perspective.

The regional media include regional newspapers such as the Yorkshire Post. This covers a bigger geographical region but also not so suitable for use by big companies such as Cadbury. The national media include countrywide newspapers such as The Guardian and other broadcasting services that service countrywide. This promotion channels can be applied by the big companies such as Cadbury in the UK.

International channels of promotion are used when a company wishes to expand its coverage on a worldwide basis. The company thus comes up with an advertisement that will be spread all over the world through media such as international television channels. The internet is a good media for both national and international coverage through channels such as YouTube and other social media. Official adverts and websites of respective companies can be easily created and spread in the cyber space worldwide. This also entails uploading of videos on YouTube.

Advertising agencies offer aid when it comes to media selection. They offer a good criterion of choosing the best media to the respective clients. They help the company choose the best media applicable for the objective the company wants to attain with the advert. The agency helps the client company based on its size and on what product is being publicized. If the client company is big enough, the agency suggests expensive but effective means of advertisement such as the television and the internet. If they employ the TV, the agency further advices the company on the best time to air the adverts based on the target audience. For instance a Cadburys chocolate product can be mostly advertised at a time when most children are arriving home from school. A comparably inexpensive mean is the internet which is reliable especially for young people using the social media. It is therefore very important for an agency to know the product to be publicized ad the major target group so that they ca determine the cheapest and most effective channel of publicizing the product. This ensures that the company saves money even in terms of the frequency of the advertisement. As noted, internet is a current trend in the advertising world. It has yielded a big impact as a new media of product promotion. It has become paramount in the day to day advertising industry. Old channels of product promotion such as the broadcasting media (radio) and the newspapers have become monotonous and of less impact in the current world. On the other hand channels such as the internet have been greatly embraced in this field. The internet has a voluminous supply of information to the users in that a company can easily upload information such as product catalogs in written form, audio or even video formats...

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