Essay Sample on Employees Breaking Policies: Human Resource Management

Published: 2023-03-29
Essay Sample on Employees Breaking Policies: Human Resource Management
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Several situations are surrounding the management of personnel in the workplace. Most of the time, employees violate policies within a working framework and blame other policies as the reason. This paper is a summary of a situation surrounding personnel management, grievances surrounding the issue, and model recommendation and solution surrounding the status both at the standpoints of the supervisor and the employee.

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Supervisors encounter several situations during the process of getting and organizing a workforce to be in line with the needs of the organization and the stakeholders in the organization. The significant conditions surrounding the issue is the employees violating the policies of an organization. Policies are essential in a company because they address substantial problems, as what makes the best behavior of employees. It gives out procedures and steps to be followed whenever such violations are done. When the employees violate these policies, they lose value, and the communication becomes low. An example of this issue is the case when an employee of a particular organization claimed to have been harassed by a work partner based on gender. The Human resource management department did an investigation on the matter so that it could understand the details of the alleged claims. A third party was invited in as per the requirement of the organization. The investigations found out that they could not draw a clear line on what harassment could have meant in the context of the case. The accused claimed to have called the coworker using an informal name. Organizations need comprehensive policies that govern all areas of employee safety and comfort at work. A little loophole leads to constant arguments.

Employees, in other situations, cite other policies to defend their failure to abide by significant policies. An example is the failure of employees to respect junior colleagues because they are placed in subordinate positions by the same policies, making them vulnerable to abuse by senior supervisors. In this case, such violations seem to be justified.

The grievances procedures in our organization are varied, depending on the nature of the grievance. There are several grievances in our organization related to personnel management issues. There are grievances surrounding recruitment, and the replacement of unproductive workforce first one is based on retention (Collings, Wood, and Szamosi, 2018). The organization invests more not only in hiring talented people but ensuring that the talents are retained for the benefit of the organization. These valuable assets are being protected by the company even if it is by the making of the safety policies favorable. There are daily needs to increase remunerations, which is costly to the company.

One procedure is by the use of the informal route, where the complaining employee and the manager have a conversation and try to find a solution in private without resolving the right ways. This has always worked out well as the worker has always found comfort in the organization and the leadership.

The second procedure is the asking of the right questions. This method of the grievance procedure aims to identify the specific needs of an employee and their expectations. Employees are not slaves, and their ideologies must be respected as well. This is the first step towards arriving at a similar consensus.

The organization uses formal routes at times when the application of the informal procedures fails. It entails making employees write down their complaints in a paper or a letter addressing the management.

The organization also seeks advice on the best way an issue can be approached. This method is always applied in cases where the cases are critical, and the organization needs to check to ensure compliance with the ACAS code of practice and disciplinary procedures. The organization also carries out investigations to establish facts because some grievances are selfish and centered on motives that unfairly benefit the employees (Ahammad, 2017). The organization sends a person on behalf of the management of the organization to listen to the complaints and make necessary resolutions. Finally, the organization ensures that records are kept recorded in a book and minutes every meeting for future reference and striking deals.

The methods and procedures used are very positive and promote a safe working environment. It fosters healthy communication between the management and the works. Most of the issues are always related to distant communication between the management and employees. The methods are friendly and offer employees a chance to appeal against policies that seem oppressive and unfavorable without fear of being sacked.

There are several recommendations that organizations can be regarding the situation discussed by a supervisor. The employees need to be educated ion the importance of policies; not only does it boost the productivity of the organization, but it also ensures that the conduct of the employees towards each other is formal and that no personal conflicts occur. Secondly, the organizations should be holding training sessions once in a while to train recently employed workers and even the senior ones on the importance of the regulations in the organization. This will foster communication and openness.

From the employee perspective, the organization needs to make policies that are friendly and flexible. The policies should be comprehensive and not so vague because most employees fail to comply because of the failure of a policy to be inclusive (Bingham & Nabatchi, 2019). The supervisor, for instance, in the case mentioned in the paper, is accused of harassment by calling her junior a name she feels is inappropriate. Once again, the employers should always have a support system for the employees who are also humans and needs to feel welcome. The support system should seek to understand the current state of the employee. Most of the employees are having problems outside their workplaces, such as family affairs, payment of bills, and the high cost of living. Such employees can release their anger on coworkers as a way of feeling relieved. They are an essential asset in the organization and needs to be protected through counseling services.

In conclusion, there are several issues in the field of personnel management. The problems with policies being broken by the employees are familiar. These employees, however, are limited by systems that are often not flexible and are unfriendly. The issue needs to be observed from the perspective of a supervisor and an employee. Some procedures are used in solving grievances. These methods need to be friendly and accommodating to both parties.


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