Break the Cycle of Bad Eating Habits: Eat Healthy & Stay Healthy - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-28
Break the Cycle of Bad Eating Habits: Eat Healthy & Stay Healthy - Essay Sample
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Eating behaviour is a product of habit. Human beings tend to develop a certain eating habit which sometimes can lead to a bad eating habit which is unhealthy. It is critical to ensure that the diet plan one has is healthy and regularly checked. Bad eating habits are dangerous considering that people tend to get comfortable with a habit and it becomes difficult to change making it easy to encourage bad eating habits unintentionally. As time goes by, the habit becomes automatic and if one has a habit of bad eating, then it becomes a regular activity. It is unhealthy. It is essential to avoid the bad eating habit.

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Understand Bad Eating Habits

The beginning point is to understand the bad eating habit. You can only change and avoid what you know and understand. If you don’t understand a particular eating habit which harms the body, then it is difficult to change (Lobstein et al., 2015). The understanding bad eating habit goes a long way in ensuring that one develops a plan on how to avoid the habit. The solution to bad eating habits is to understand that causes and manifestation and then working hard to avoid them. It helps one to focus on a nutritious diet every day and avoid junk foods (Jones, 2019). For example, one is not likely to eat chips if he understands the negative impact in the body.

Establish a Plan

Establishing a plan helps to keep on in check. A plan strengthens the zeal to avoid bad eating habits by giving a sense of direction and the necessary action to be taken (Lobstein et al., 2015). For example, one does shopping for food with a plan in mind. It also acts as a reminder to the person that every day, there is a need to focus on a balanced diet and avoid eating habits that are unhealthy. A plan helps to replace unhealthy foods with healthier ones as per the nutrition plan. It is easier to avoid bad eating habits by sticking to a set plan which acts as a guide (Lobstein et al., 2015).

Thinking Positively

The human brain is the single most powerful organ in the body. The mind should be encouraged to think positively since it reflects on together parts of the body (Lobstein et al., 2015). Thinking positively helps in avoiding bad eating habits. The mind determines whether one maintains a healthy eating habit or slides back to the bad eating habit. Positive thinking encourages good eating habits by having a positive attitude towards food and life in general (Jones, 2019). For example, a person who has low self-esteem with negative thought is most likely not to care about good eating habits.


A healthy eating habit reflects on the general health status of the person. Bad eating habit is a catalyst for illnesses. Replacing unhealthy foods with healthy ones and remaining consistent in eating healthy is promotes a healthy lifestyle.


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