Free Essay Sample on Bipolar Disorder

Published: 2018-03-03
Free Essay Sample on Bipolar Disorder
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Objective information

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Bipolar disorder is a condition where the moods of an individual are extreme or another. Unlike the common feeling of a healthy person, the attitudes of a bipolar patient change so intense that it affects the individual ability to function. Moreover, during the manic episodes, the patient may charge huge amount on credit cards, fell rested, and impulsively quit the job. From the time with Lisa, I could notice several instances where she was quiet and did not want to talk to anyone. She was just stiff and still and seemed frustrated and exhausted. All I could do was to stay still and just watch her and I did not want to awaken her nerve warking behavior that could result in a nasty experience.

Responsive information

Having an encounter with someone suffering from bipolar disorder can be one of the worst experience an individual can have especially those who do not understand the condition. For the experience with Lisa, I was thinking if she is going to have a seizure or a medical emergency. My nerves were high, and I was afraid that the situation could turn into a bad experience. Anxiety is building up. Suddenly, I don’t know what to react, how to respond or how to ask her questions in a very therapeutic way. Unconsciously, I started fidgeting with my fingers, and my posture is somehow uncertain in which our teacher had noticed. The skills that I had acquired from the class proved helpful for the situation at hand. People suffering from this condition need both emotional and physical support to help the cope well with the disease. It is very hard to comprehend the state of mind of individual suffering from the condition as at one point they are happy and in the next minute, they are sad. The recovery, the process is a long way, and it needs time and patients from both the patient and the health care provider.

Interpretation of experience

People suffering from bipolar condition need intensive care from the health care providers the community, relatives. The simulator verbalized at the end of the session that she felt she was not cared for. Moreover, emotional and physical support is crucial in the recovery process as it makes the patients feel accepted in the community. The cycle process of the bipolar conditions causes the mood swings of the patient move from happiness to sadness over a short period. Therapy methods and educational groups and sessions are necessary for the recovery process for the people suffering from the disorder. Additionally, monitoring the moods of the individual is important as it helps keep the patients at par with the medical requirements. Similarly, problem-solving techniques are necessary as most of the patients suffering from the bipolar condition are involved in activities that require the intervention of a third party. The problem-solving techniques are told during the therapy process, and it includes domains of life and relationship that will help the patient in the healing process.

Decision about the experience

Patients suffering from bipolar condition require care and love from the community, government, and loved ones to help them in the healing process. Educational and group sessions play an important part in determining the conditions effect to the patient. The process that can assist the patient in the recovery process include accepting the diagnosis, monitoring the moods, undergoing a cognitive restructuring, problem-solving techniques, and enhancing the social skills, and stabilizing the routine. The process will help the bipolar patient to recovery and minimize any activities that may affect the patient's behavior. Additionally, medication might be the best foundation to treat the condition, but other mechanisms such as self-help group and therapy play a crucial role. Similarly, problem-solving techniques are essential as most of the patients suffering from the bipolar condition are involved in activities that include intervention of a third party.

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