Comparison Essay Sample: Ayn Rand's Anthem and George Orwell's Animal Farm

Published: 2019-09-25
Comparison Essay Sample: Ayn Rand's Anthem and George Orwell's Animal Farm
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Ayn Rands book of the Anthem and George Orwells book of the Animal Farm actually had basic similarities on how the state views its citizens and how the state subjects its citizens to various aspects and activities.

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I will do analysis of comparison on how these two authors had different views on their regimes therefore trying to bring out equality to all characters associated.

The books Anthem by Ayn Rand and Animal Farm by George Orwell both are written discussing the most imperfect and miserable society. Both the authors have written about humans and animals that fail to create a faultless society, though both Ayn Rand and George Orwell discuss a perfect society, actually there exists no flawless society where everyone is assumed to be equal (Flores& World Scientific Firm, 2014)

In Ayn Rands Anthem, the main character is rebelling contrary to the future of the government that he resides in the same manner in which the animals in the Animal Farm are rebellious to the farmer. In the Anthem the character escapes from his town of residence whereas in the Animal Farm the animals inhabit a new expanse after the rebellion and the promising life the animals anticipate although in the end the anticipation is wiped out by the same animals.

In the Animal Farm there are laws that the animals need adhere to although the communist pigs keep on revising the laws to suit their stay like for the case of alcohol consumption, the communist pigs tend to interpret the law wrongly and an agreement between them fails to keep hold since they are simple minded. The communist pigs try to convince other animals to buy their ideas in altering the laws by starting to train frightening guard dogs where a pig by the name Squealer keeps on persuading other animals not to doubt their decision regarding the set laws. Many times the pigs do question the existence of man, they complain that human do consume without any effort of production yet they are the lords of all other animals. That human do preserve much to them other than give the animals equal share that he attains from the animals (Flores & World Scientific (Firm),2014)

WheneverSquealer addresses the other animals any suggestion he tries to bring out the frightening dogs growl in order to threaten other animals to accept any of Squealer explanations without raising concerns. In the end the pigs become very overwhelmed and obsessed with both luxury and power therefore driving the Animal Farm towards a downfall, this is a perfect situation of dystopia. In AynRands Anthem, the major character is a cursed man. The curse causes the man to have greed and wants actually more than hes able to achieve and he usually appreciates some factors more than other characters and this is termed to be illegal.

Rand and Orwell did have different political ideologies. Rand deployed classical liberalism in the Anthem whereas Orwell used democratic socialism, although both of them traced political collectivism since they had the desire to control equality and reality. They both argue that if unity is guaranteed then equality follows (Olsen, 2011).

In Orwells book the Animal Farm the animals are regarded to exist mechanically, all of them were to wear uniforms and all addressed one another as comrades. Here the novel describes a society where totalitarian and tyranny is their regime, there exists no freedom at all. The lives of the animals was regularly monitored by the farmer which depicts an anti-free regime towards its citizens. On the matter of abuse of language, rand is so deep as opposed to Orwell; he indicates how actually corruption stems from cognitive aspect to political grounds. In Rands book, characters like Sidney hook always had different opinions regarding the regime, he was never satisfied with communism and he viciously denied everyone who was trying to comprehend or tried to achieve the facts and truth out of the communist regime, the communists usually advanced their own agendas (Olsen, 2011).

George Orwells book of the Animal Farm portrays that the nature of the state is a consistent art of war where if the state has no enemy, the state could make one, in improvising development and technology is actually the sates regime that is the benefactor and not its citizens, basically by nourishing the animals by giving them food was like tending to capture the animals attention not to focus on what the farmers regime was doing to all the animals, this is an art of control employed by government trying to drive away citizens concern on matters that the state focuses upon.

In Ayn Rands book the Anthem, he states that the regimes control of economy would lead to corruption and higher taxes which is in contrary to normal belief that the governments core objective is to protect its citizens. Rands sentiments in the Anthem further shows that human should be free from being controlled by any other outside party especially the government, he indicates that mans normal rights and doctrines ought to exist (Olsen, 2011).

Finally we see that both Ayn Rand and George Orwell in their respective novels had different ideologies on how the state tries to run activities during any regime to try suit their existence. The two had similarities in their novels but their political ideologies were dissimilar.


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