Free Essay on Importance of Theory in Nursing

Published: 2019-10-10
Free Essay on Importance of Theory in Nursing
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The nursing practice is entirely based on nursing theory. It provides a nurse with direction and guidance in structuring the nursing practices and research. It also guides the assessment, intervention, and evaluation of patient care undertaken by a nursing professional. It is because; it provides structure and organization during data collection while explaining the nursing practice. Hence, nursing theory is used as a criterion for measuring the nursing quality of a nurse. Most importantly, through nursing theoretical frameworks, a nurse can distinguish those aspects that form the basis of nursing practices from those that do not. Also, the theory helps in defining the sole principles of nursing thus, instilling more knowledge about the nursing practice to the nursing professionals. Hence, nursing theory influences the standard protocols, procedures and patient care recommendations in the nursing practices and trends (McEwen & Willis, 2014)

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Theoretical concepts

I believe that the most significant theoretical concepts to my nursing practice are the patient, health, and nurse. However, the relationships among these concepts differ from one theory to the other. It is also important to note that the most important concept is the patient. It is because it acts as a tool for measuring the level satisfaction between patient- nurse interactions. Notably, a nursing process begins from the patient to the nurse regardless of the definition of a particular theory (McEwen & Willis, 2014)

Middle Range Theory

With the administrative constraints such as decision-making and staffing followed by the demanding technological advancement that is affecting patient care, the most important theory being implemented in my clinical set-up is the middle range theory. The theory allows for a narrow scope and abstraction when addressing particular phenomena in my clinical setting. For instance, the holistic middle theory explores the total care of a patient. That is, patient care is beyond just the treatment. It also involves the general welfare of the nursing staff and the environment. The theory is reflective of my personal value care to other people, kindness, accountability, achievement, awareness and adaptability. All these personal values resonate in the comfort theory of nursing as it seek to offer quality patient care. Moreover, the theory acts as the base holding the tough decision-making processes of my nursing profession in regard to upholding my professional standard and integrity (Smith & Parker, 2015).

In conclusion, nursing theory influences the nursing procedures, protocols, and patient care within nursing practices. It provides a nursing professional with guidance and direction when structuring nursing research and practices. Moreover, the most significant theoretical concepts are patient, nurse and health. Besides, the theory being implemented in my clinical set-up is the middle range theory.


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