Free Essay with a Book Review: Muhammad Ali

Published: 2022-04-07
Free Essay with a Book Review: Muhammad Ali
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Muhammad Ali was a philanthropist, a boxer, and a social activist regarded as one of the best and celebrated athletes of the 20th century. He became a gold medalist in 1960, and later in 1964, he became the world heavyweight boxing champion. He reclaimed his heavyweight championship medal twice during the 1970s after his suspension for refusing military service. Later on, in 1984, he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease which led to Ali devoting much of his time to philanthropy. Poet, rebel and third world supporter boxing champion, Ali symbolizes different assumptions to different individuals under different perceptions. He was an icon of empowerment and an icon of the black pride while others viewed him as a separatist who embraced the black Muslim religion. A series of diverse opinions gain presentation concerning the overall life of Muhammad Ali signifying on his biography. Under the different individuals' views, Muhammad Ali may entail so much to his life since he was involved in a collection or various activities; however, one of the essential aspects to not is the validity of the given instances. In this writing, it will deliver a review of Muhammad Ali's biographed book "Ali: A Life."

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It the current context, Muhammad Ali's life has acquired much chronicling following a series of events regarding his success and personality. For instance, with the subject, "the Greatest" it has attracted and attributed many details about Ali's life and journey. Many writers had biographed Muhammad Ali's life through different ways; however, they all base their claims to the details about Ali in consideration to his family, friends, among other involved personnel. In the review concerning a book biography about him by Jonathan Eig, there is much detail relating to his life. In the book "Ali: A Life" there are many loads of fronts as it offers the description relating to Ali's life and actions.

First, the book begins by describing Muhammad Ali's birth in 1942, in Louisville. Within the book, it depicts much of comprehensive information as it proceeds by giving his name which we later learn it was misspelled "Cassius" on the certificate. Through the entire details of the biography book, the author does not forget to wrap up everything with funeral proceedings of Muhammad Ali which happened in 2016 after he suffered and faced gradual diminishing by the Parkinson's disease. In the details, the writer does not forget mentioning occurrences of his interviews which involved at least two hundred individuals.

Mainly, the book provides information relating to how much information about Ali is adequately documented and overlooked by several individuals especially in the analysis of his life occurrences. In Eig's writing, it offers a solid argument by analyzing the cognitive decline and practices by the boxer through his life activities, occurrences among other experiences that may be evident through his family, friends, and sports career. As the proceeding of the book, it implies on specific details concerning Ali that tend to depict on various aspects of his life. Although Muhammad Ali was famous for a lot of things especially his wit and poetry, his speech started deteriorating in his 30s at a time when it is least expected to decline (Eig, 2017).

Jonathan Eig has written a series of books relating to other persons since 1877. He might have provided much of general information linking to the context and life of Muhammad Ali; however, he also gives voice and message to Ali's wives. Muhammad Ali might have been a proper individual, well-manners and a saint to eyes of many fans since his social life only enticed them, he renders him as a terrible husband. For instance, he provides evidence whereby he gives a happening regarding Ali's treatment and character to his wives. Eig shows details on how Ali instructed Belinda, or Khalilah, his second wife, to book hotel rooms for his mistresses.

Additionally, he dispenses details concerning how Ali brought the women into his home while the children and the wife were present without him caring whether they were concerned or not. Through the entire description and analysis, Jonathan Eig suggests that Ali was desperate for love and wanted to feel love, also in accordance to information form Khalilah the second wife, she implies that Ali did not even especially enjoy the sex. Different details are provided in the book as the author tries to show the different variations implicating Ali's title as "the Greatest."

If anything, in the book, it is likely to be controversial, it might be the acknowledgment of Eig concerning the dark side of boxing, which the public audience of Ali ignore in multiple concurrent victories and celebrations. The Nation of Islam, which Ali indulged in, in the 1960s, is depicted as a manipulative organization that aimed at delivering radical and racial segregation with the statement, "Redbirds stay with redbirds, and bluebirds with bluebirds..." In the early 1970s, Ali started losing the energy in the ring several events occurring, and his physician would numb his fists before any fight. His patterns of speech betrayed signs brain damage after the Frazier fight which happened in 1971. Still, after realizing the toll in the same year, Ali continued fighting for another decade until he developed unceremonious symptoms.

Moreover, the author might have rendered Ali into a position implying a full arc of African American history since the book provides glosses over the rapid changes and transformations that are brought by the black power movements and civil rights, which provided a public understanding of Ali. Correspondingly, the author tries to calculate the punches that Ali absorbed in his career and comes up with the claim that Ali absorbed up to more than two hundred thousand blows in his boxing career.

In my opinion, I like the book according to the way it describes the biography of Muhammad Ali. "Ali: A Life" is an exciting and epic biography implying on Ali's life which was also classic from different perspectives. In several of the pages of the book, they are familiar and equal to those with some knowledge of boxing. Eig describes every event and aspect in Muhammad Ali's life interactively and narratively that offers much of its description like a novel. It flows in a suspensive manner casting different individuals who work together in support of a single character or individual. In telling the story about Mohammad Ali, the author strives to show most of the details from the accounts of Ali's achievements and life delivered through differing tones.


To sum everything up, the story concerning Ali is a story describing much about his concerning the opinion of the people that knew him well. According to many, he was a charismatic heavyweight boxer whose iconic significant is visible through the shifting through the decades. In an unlikely fairy tale, it defines Ali as the most despised athlete in the American historical context; however, he becomes one of the most beloved athletes of the 21st century.

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