Book Analysis Essay on Dixie's Daughters

Published: 2023-01-15
Book Analysis Essay on Dixie's Daughters
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Dixie's Daughters provides the insight analogy on the history of American women by understanding the monument and the propagation of the Lost Cause view of American history (Baker, 70).It is imperative to note that the book strongly focuses on the UDC ionized the mythical way of life by defying some of the oppressive gender rules inflicted particularly on women in society. It is for this reason that Caren Cox purposed to publish this book as a tool to address the challenges most women face in the entire society. Since the gender issues affect the women majorly mainly from the south, the preservation of the Confederate cultures through the study of the UDC places the elite women at the center stage on how the civil war could be remembered for the generations (Baker,70).

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Following the in-depth analysis of the book, it is evidenced that, at the beginning of the 20th century, the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) was constituted to, look into the various challenges facing the vast women during the civil war. It is imperative to note that, by allowing women to be at the center stage in addressing the injustices against women, the organization was therefore geared to attaining the intended objective even to the previous generations. Notably, women who were long time leaders in the movement to memorialize the Confederacy commonly referred to as "Lost Cause," who was considered the active participants on the debates constituting the south. Significantly, the daughters were never happy and therefore raised the stakes of Lost Cause by making it a movement about the vindication as well as memorization. Evidence extracted from the book reveals that, the daughters sought to monitor the history of truthfulness as well as educating the coming generations on the white southerners about idyllic old south and a just cause states rights. Tentatively, the UDC member's posses a dream to transform the military defeat into political and cultural victory particularly along the south. The confederate cultures include several ideas and symbols that the lost Cause devotees association with the former Confederacy. On the same account, the images and beliefs are ranked according to the hierarchy of class and races button reflected on the leaders of the Lost Cause.

Through the UDC, the daughters become a moving force to state care for the confederate majorly for the elderly as well mobilization for the return of wives who were forcefully taken out of their families (Baker, 73). However, as depicted from the book, it is evidenced that, the progressivism was limited by close consideration from the social class. Conversely, the efforts from the northern philanthropist by constituting schools for the African American led to fears that the south might have more educated blacks and illiterate whites. As part of the commitment to meet the intended objective, the Daughters pledges to provide for the regions confederates as well as their absolute duties to building monuments which require financial obligations. On the same account, the move projected by the daughters was aimed at sustaining the "Anglo Saxon" supremacy in the southern area in the 20th century.

In summation Dixie's Daughters provided the much needed institutional history of the UDC at the height of its influence to the entire southern socio-political affairs. Cox tends to in cooperate the impact of the group majorly on the lives of women in the whole society.

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