Free Essay with an Engineering Personal Statement

Published: 2017-10-18
Free Essay with an Engineering Personal Statement
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I am humbled to submit my application for an engineering degree program in your reputable institution. Engineering is essential in today’s society and for that reason, my interest in the profession stems from all the good that can be achieved through the works of engineers who solve everyday social problems in the society (Tsui, et al., 1999, p. 4). Engineering presents solutions for infrastructure development, climate change, sustainable energy, and environmental sustainability among many more. Therefore, I am passionate about engineering due to its importance is modern time which makes it inseparable with progress in various spheres of modern day life. In that regard, I would be pleased to join the team of dedicated engineers who are increasingly making significant contributions to society’s development in various means.

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My interest is as well backed with years of experience in the engineering field where I have gained impeccable knowledge and expertise working as an apprentice my father’s contracting firm. My apprenticeship gave me exposure that has with it introduced me to engineering concepts and applications. In addition, I also played a crucial role in keeping financial accounts and maintaining books of everyday transactions as my father’s apprentice a fact that gives me an added advantage in understanding the economics of engineering as well.

Other than my astute experience and dedication to engineering, I do have academic qualifications that back my pursuit of a career in engineering. For instance, I excelled in both my SAT and IELTS exams with exemplary performance in each. I am particularly strong in physics and mathematics subjects. That aside, I am a dedicated learner as at current, I am slated to graduate with a French baccalaureate degree in mid-2017. I can also speak three languages fluently namely English, French and Arabic. Concurrently, I am in my second year undertaking Spanish lessons and believe that in about eighteen months’ time, I will have mastered Spanish as well. As a complement to my academic achievements, I do find that I am a skilled problem solver with the ability to think on my feet to come up with solutions to arising challenges in various socio-economic contexts. I believe my engineering experience backed with my finance knowledge are critical especially since it is based on the fast changing and turbulent Middle Eastern economy that also has a lot to show for in engineering prowess.

I also believe that I am an all rounded individual meaning that I am not merely a bookworm but also give prominence to co-curricular activities. An opportunity to study my undergraduate in this reputable institute will also give me an opportunity to further my goals in sports, humanitarian activities, and exploration. In my free time, I play soccer and have served in the capacity of Captain for Athletico Football Club for a period of 2 consecutive years. I am also a proud member of the Manchester United fan club in Lebanon. Other than football, I also enjoy playing basketball, swimming and travelling. In an effort to foster young sports talents in primary schools in Lebanon, I served as a volunteer assistance coach at the American Community School summer camp in Lebanon. Among the duties, I was responsible for include management of drop off and pick up of children, coordinating trips, and managing of sports activities.

When it comes to humanitarian courses, I have worked as a volunteer for Red Cross Lebanon where my contribution was towards eradication of delinquency in Lebanese teenagers addicted to drug and substance abuse to facilitate their reformation especially from cigarette smoking which is an epidemic among teens in Lebanon. I also volunteered for an NGO in Lebanon known as the G-Association where my contribution entailed the creation of awareness against pollution, advocating waste management solutions such as the importance of recycling garbage and working with local communities to adequately manage waste. My NGO work experience also opened me up to knowledge on knowledge creation as pertains to environmental risks, energy saving, energy efficiency and tree planting initiatives towards environmental sustainability efforts. I believe that such efforts go a long way in addressing the persistent challenge of waste management experienced in Lebanon.

It is my belief that involvement in curricular activities serves to complement academic achievement and; hence, makes an individual an all rounded person (Couch & Kathy Lewis-Adler, 2011, p. 55). In that regard, I believe that my academic and life experiences have squarely placed me fit for application for a degree program in your institution as I hope to join a selection of candidates of similar calibre or better based on the reputation of alumni who have passed through your capable hands. With that, I humbly present my application for your consideration, thank you.


Couch, J. F. & Kathy Lewis-Adler, P. A. B., 2011. Successful Athletic Programs and Academic Achievement at High School: Substitutes or Complements?. Global Education Journal, 2011(4), pp. 48-60.

Tsui, A., Chan, C. K. & Lee, H., 1999. Ethics in Practice: A Practical Guide for Financial Practitioners. 1 ed. Hong Kong, China: Organizers of Professional Ethics Programme for the Securities, Futures, and Investments Sectors.

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