Essay on Boeing Employees Reject Joining Union, Citing Impact on Economy

Published: 2023-11-15
Essay on Boeing Employees Reject Joining Union, Citing Impact on Economy
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Employees at Boeing’s aircraft production plant near Charleston in South Carolina, voted against joining the International Association of Mechanist (IAM) union, because of the likelihood that the union will affect the future development of the economy. The South Carolina plant acts as the sole location for Dreamliner jets since it assembled a total of 787 Dreamliner jets(Cameron, 2017). The reason why the IAM organizer advised employees to vote for joining the union is that the company produced fewer planes within South Carolina by 36% compared to the number of aircraft the company’s branches produce in other parts of the U.S. like Everett, Washington (Cameron, 2017). He also added that the plant suppresses employees’ salary, foster inconsistency, and only a few receive award which will change if employees join the organization(Cameron, 2017).

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On the other hand, former South Carolina’s senator Lindsey Graham and the former governor Nikki Haley both encouraged the plant’s employees to against joining the union, claiming that the only way Boeing Company can grow is if it stays in South Carolina (Cameron, 2017). He also said that if employees vote for joining the union, then they will destroy the reason for starting the business in South Carolina (Cameron, 2017). The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics advised employees to vote for joining the union since Boeing Company came to South Carolina in part because the company has the lowest level of unionization. However, many voted against joining the union because they did not want to be pressured by the union to pay union dues (Cameron, 2017). The difference in wages between Seattle, Charleston, and South Carolina made the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics encourage employees to vote for joining the union. Joining the association will also enable the employees to reduce the rate of strikes, which slows production. Giving an example that there are high profits gained in the plants that have joined the union (Cameron, 2017).

Boeing’s main reason for wanting an alternative to producing aircraft is because the Seattle area has a low production cost, which results in higher profit gains. The company chose South Carolina the city acts as the sole location for Dreamliner jets.

I think the employees of South Carolina did not decide on voting against joining the union for their best interest. They were not given a chance to the way the advantages and disadvantages of joining AIM. Instead, there was persuasion to do so by other people like the former governor and former senator of South Carolina.

If I were an employee at Boeing, I would have voted for joining the union because other Boeing plant employees have many advantages compared to the South Carolina plant. Those in the union earn fair wages, they do not work overtime, and the association makes employees not to have strife labor management.

If I were an employee at Seattle, I would have supported continued union representation because the union ensures that employees receive fair wages, all the active employees receive awards, and no employee is overworked.


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