Free Essay Sample on Labour in the Social World

Published: 2023-01-08
Free Essay Sample on Labour in the Social World
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The world we live in at the moment is a social world; this has been achieved through the presence of several socially unifying factors such as the internet and social media, education and labour. Through labour, people have managed to travel to urban and semi-urban areas or even abroad. This has enabled people to intermingle and relate in one way or another. It has allowed people from diversified backgrounds to get unified and live as one sharing the new experience as employees, workmates, counterparts or neighbours, hence making the social world. This is the main reason why labour is said to be taking part in making the social world. Labour and capital relate one way; they are both the factors of production (Smith 225). Labour must be combined with the capital in different economic sizes depending on the availability and the cost of the two as the inputs to get the output. This is what relates capital to labour from an economic perspective.

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All human activities are considered as labour in one way or another; the difference comes about when verifying which form of labour it is. Labour is categorized into productive and unproductive labour. Starting from the regular house chores, to operating personal entrepreneurship to working as a CEO of a big company are labour, they will only be grouped that labour that involves, playing hobbies and other related types are productive labour while the productive labour is those such as office jobs and other paying jobs. They all constitute to labour; this is because they contribute to the economy in one way or another and we take our time to perform them (Smith 230).According to the Marxist theory, the difference between the productive and the unproductive labour comes out in the essence that in productive labour the results had to be in surplus or adding something to the economy. Most of the time labour had had to be very physical. The theory still exists today since it is the background and the basic source of these other theories. The difference, however, is many in the current world. There have to be several differences between the two (Finkelstein 39). In the current world, management has managed to come up with different economic views or productivity and labour. Since human labour expensive to hire and manage the current world is opting to more intensive capital productivity as compared to prior labour intensive.

Due to the change in the modern world, the change in technology and the introduction of new and improved methods of production, the old thought as well as the perception of productive labour and the characteristics changed drastically. Today, the technology, and the debt economy have had several changes in their lives. The daily social life that was brought about by the presence of labour that brought people changed (Perrotta 33). At the moment the actions and jobs that were considered unproductive are the most productive, people can earn their living through these jobs. The mode of work has changed due to the ever-changing evolving world. This moment a manager can perform their tasks when they are even out of the corporation. One can easily manage several institutions at a go. This is what brings changes to the said subjects in the current world.

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