Essay Example - BioHuntress Therapeutics Inc.

Published: 2023-09-10
Essay Example - BioHuntress Therapeutics Inc.
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Organization: BioHuntress Therapeutics Inc,57 Lansdowne Ave, Saint John, NewBrunswick.

Supervisor: Dr. Alli Murugesan, Founder and President, BioHuntress Therapeutics Inc: Senior Scientist.

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My Title: Scientific & Business Research Intern.

BioHuntress Therapeutics Inc. is a Saint John-based Biopharma driven by its passion for developing natural cures for devastating diseases. BioHuntress current focus is to commercialize nature-inspired compounds with better specificity for blood cancers. BioHuntress has received national recognition by winning the MITACS global impact entrepreneur award in 2018, and it envisions playing a key regional role, as an incubator within academia to establish research to market reputation and repeatable processes for life science researchers. BioHuntress values providing professional development for its interns through its scientific and business advisory team embracing highly collaborative, interdisciplinary scientific research and business development approaches.

The objective of this project is to enhance and develop reporting in two main areas:

Comprehensive literature review and preparation of a report on animal models for testing anti-blood cancer drugs

Analysis of relevance and cost-effectiveness of in-vivo models

Cancer has become one of the most significant health burdens not only in the Western hemisphere but also globally. As such, intensive research seeking to understand the causes, progress, treatment, and management of the disease is ongoing. Both in-vitro and in-vivo models are utilized in the studies. In vivo models are more preferred since they offer a more practical understanding. In this light, my primary role is to conduct a comprehensive literature review on the use of animal models in the testing of anti-blood cancer drugs. The cost-effectiveness and relevance of the in-vivo models will also be analyzed. The findings will be presented in a report.

The output generated or developed from my internship will be used effectively in achieving the desired objective of enhancing the use of in-vivo models to address the cancer menace. The value of my work to the organization is very important and will involve working closely with the President of BioHuntress on sensitive data, which is critical to the owners of the organization, particularly on the cost-effectiveness and relevance of in-vivo models in the development of anti-cancer drugs.

The nature of my work involves spending my time mainly on gathering research journals and review articles for collecting different information on anti-cancer drugs and their models. To meet the exact requirements of the company, one of the keys is known dependencies is meeting with the President every week on Monday and Friday and in between if needed. I have been given a very streamlined process for this through schedule MS Teams meeting invites and access to make quick phone calls to Dr. Murugesan anytime.

The first task, carried out in Week 1, was to review various journal articles and prepare a project report outline. To increase the weight of the review, the focus was targeted on journal articles on cancers, particularly blood cancers, and models used to develop diagnostic and treatment tools. This task was successfully completed.

Week 2 and 3 involved building of the project report and literature review draft. Cancer, in general, as well as the economic and social impact it has had on the world, was introduced first. The review then narrowed down to the various types of blood cancers. The existing anti-blood cancer therapies were discussed before delving into the new therapies, new among them, in-vivo models. The report and literature review draft were submitted to the President for discussion in week 4.

The tasks for weeks 5 and 6 were to reach out to various contract research organizations to acquire information on the cost of animals. Information on validation studies was also obtained. Weeks 7 and 8 were used to prepare the budget sheet and review. The report, budget sheet, and literature review were finalized in weeks 8 and 9.

Time constraint was one of the biggest challenges faced. Particularly, the tasks involving other parties made it increasingly difficult to stick to the original timeline. However, planning ahead for such inconveniences helped successfully complete the tasks within the deadlines. Some organizations also closely guard their experimental data, and hence several bottlenecks and bureaucracies had to overcome to acquire the data needed for the study.

The final report contains a compilation of the findings obtained from the exploration of the two objectives. The importance of in-vivo models in the fight against blood cancer is presented in a way that can inform and contribute to future studies. The findings can also be used to influence decisions at BioHuntress. The cost-effectiveness and relevance of in-vivo models are also incorporated into the report. This information is also critical to pharmaceutical companies and other policymakers as the world intensify its efforts to enhance the diagnosis, treatment, and management of cancer. As such, the report will be not only useful to BioHuntress, but also other players in the industry. Moreover, the period spent preparing the report, as well as the entire internship period, has accorded me an excellent learning opportunity. Other than the knowledge on the use of in-vivo models in the development of cancer therapies acquired, my research techniques have also been enhanced.

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