Essay Example on Psychodynamic Approach

Published: 2019-11-18
Essay Example on Psychodynamic Approach
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In the year 2008, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was amended to accommodate bipolar disorder as a tight condition.

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What should the board do concerning Johns poor decisions?

If Johns employer had known about his bipolar condition, they should have given him a leave. Persons with bipolar disorder experience a temporary inability when it comes to carrying out day to day tasks. These individuals frequently experience depression hence it is necessary to give them a break or allow them to work in shift (Cole, 2013). In the typical working environment, it is essential for him or her to have a relaxed workplace to facilitate concentration as this helps in decreasing stress. Furthermore, is also advisable that he/she have regular breaks so that to get involved in activities such as relaxation exercises Pharro, 2013).

Should they fire him?

If John provides his employer with the information, then they should not terminate his employment. Employees are only required to inform their employer of their disabilities if the disability affects their work performance. According to the U.S Department of Labor employees should disclose their disability if such a disclosure works to their advantage. Furthermore, they can disclose this information during the interview or after they receive the job offer (Northouse, 2016).

What alternative routes are available?

Sensible accommodations that employers must provide under the ADA may involve job restructuring, part-time or modified work schedules, reassignment to a vacant position, or adjusting examinations or policies (Huggler, 2012).

How can John be made aware of his disruptive behaviors?

People with bipolar disorder are required to come up with a good structure regarding their daily activities such as eating and sleeping habits. They may need creating exceptional arranging practices and vast gap assignments into littler errands. This will be advantageous as they will able to benefit from the company firm timetable for work exercises and rest, and methodologies to oversee pressure and decrease destructions (Lanz, 2013).

What role can his wife/family play to help John address his bipolarity?

Assisting him to get ready for health care provider by coming up with a rundown of inquiries. The family can also accompany him to healthcare facilities where he has an appointment. Furthermore, Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) has several care groups to give individuals with bipolar issue or despondency and their friends and family handy approaches to adapt to disease and work toward well-being (Newell, 2012).

Within the workplace, what can be done to leverage Johns strengths (creativity) and minimize his disruptive behavior?

For John to be more adjusted and realistic for himself at the workplace, he will have to consider his needs and constraints. He should accept a practical convenience changing work routines, reassigning to an empty position for which the individual is qualified if the individual didn't do the original task due to a handicap even with accommodation (Petriglieri & Stein, 2012).

What type of structure will be the best fit for John in the organization?

One that would permit him to center his vitality at work and also give him passionate space for a family.As a coach, how can you help John to rebalance his life?

As a coach, I will work very closely with the family to make sure that I provide them with social support and ensure that they work towards achieving the set goals all through the coaching and healing process. I will also focus on helping him to create a more structure in his professional and personal life .For instance, during the discipline that had been set to hear him. We were forced to stop the meeting and tried to help this person when he said that he felt like killing himself.


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