Big Mama - Movie Review Essay Example

Published: 2022-05-25
Big Mama - Movie Review Essay Example
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Section 1: Definition of Family

The film Big Mama is an Academy Award-winning documentary that depicts the struggle of a grandmother to allow the problematic and complicated social welfare system to let her raise her orphaned grandson. Viola Dees is an African American grandmother who promised to take care of her grandson to her dying son. The grandchild is named Walter. His father died when Walter was four years. Viola was almost 89.

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Section 2: Problem Identification

The family of Viola and her grandson Walter is continuously faced with the challenges of illness and social welfare and legal system. When Viola suffers a heart attack Walter, becomes angry and hostile. After Viola is discharged from the hospital, the outside intervention and separation from his grandmother are showed when he tried to vent his fear and anger dangerously.

Section 3: Boundaries

There is an age boundary between the two. This is evident when Walter tells his grandmother ..."Big Mama, I wish you were young." This shows that those they had a close and robust relationship Walter wished she was younger maybe so that he could spend more time with her to play.

Section 4: Strengths and Resources

Viola is a strong lady. She fights the complex and challenging Los Angeles social welfare system to gain custody of her one point she points out that age has nothing to do with love.

Beliefs and values

Viola Dee's beliefs that age has nothing to do with love. Therefore she is capable of loving and taking care of her grandchild better than anyone else would. This assisted her in getting her grandson from foster care.

Strengths and evidence of resilience

Walter strength of resilience is shown when his grandmother is admitted after a heart attack. However, he succumbs to the fear and anger and eventually ends up burning their house.

Supportive family

Viola and Walter's family lacked a supportive family and little about their extended family is showed in the film.

Community involvement

The family, i.e., viola and Walter were involved in a community gathering. This is evident when Viola takes her grandchild to church as well as play basketball.

Social service involvement

There is nothing shown in the film of the family involvement in social service.

Section 5: Stage Development

Families in later years

The family is adjusting to the loss of Viola's son whom his the father to Walter. Viola, however, tries to meet the physical health needs as well as family needs of her grandson.

Section 6: Assessment Measures Used

Risk Assessment

The family has been assessed by considering the challenges that are facing the family, the various boundaries of the family, the strengths and resources of the family as well as the stage of development.

Section 7: Intervention

Caregiver Family Therapy

Big Mama and Walter family have challenges which can be resolved by use of caregiver family therapy family intervention. The therapy will improve the family engagement that exists between Viola and her grandchild while enhancing the well-being of viola well at the same time reducing stress and adverse outcomes of caregiving to Walter.


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