Free Essay: Alice Munro's Novel Research

Published: 2018-11-13
Free Essay: Alice Munro's Novel Research
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The story "Walker Brother Cowboy" is expressed from a first person point of view of one an adult woman who is showing a recount of a major formative experience she had from her preadolescent girlhood stage. She encountered a woman who her father was dating before getting married to her mother. Since the encounter the general view she had of the father changed, she realized that the father was not only a family provider but also a gentle with a beautiful, emotional history. The novel is based on the southwestern Canada set up in Tuppertwon, one of the ancient towns existing in Lake Huron.

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From the start of the story, Munro seems to be building the theme of connection, as experienced in the story the theme is developed when the narrator and the father taking a walk in the Tupper town. One can realize that the women and men are relaxing outside and neither the father nor the narrator is familiar with those who were living in town hence showing a lack of connection between the father, the people and the narrator. Additionally, we learn that there was small junkyard and defeated jumble of sheds, and boarded up windows in the factory. Apparently, the line creates a suggestion of small progress and lack of movement being experienced in the town. On top, the theme of paralysis is also brought forward by a negative picture created in an environment where little is taking place in the Tuppertown (Martin, 1987).

Ideally, the narrator-father was at one point unable to manage the farming of silver foxes though he still made attempts to do so. Defeat as a theme is explained by the father's act of being unable to manage the farm of silver foxes. Similarly, the narrator's mother is also struggling with defeat since she was unable to acknowledge that her life experienced a dramatic change and all she was going through bitterness through her dramatic means of handling various situations.Walker Brothers Cowboy starting the story by describing we'll come setting over and over as we read Alice Munro, with the additional shrinking of ice towards the North Pole. The flow of paragraphs in the story efficiently provides an explanation about Munro's ability to place focused stories in the broader context of unfathomable future and an expansive past.

Through the quote The Street is shade, in some localities, by maple trees whose roots have heaved and cracked, the sidewalk spreading out like crocodiles into the backyard. A description of the roots in the yard brings an ignition to my imagination is set off. Ideally, the report does not only make the whole story setting come alive but also provide a different story on the tree roots (Bloom, 2009). Notably, the narrator's mother is emotionally and disillusioned reserved focusing her mind on the daily activities taking place in her son and daughters life while Ben is taking long hours and most of his time on the road. This symbolizes the result of disconnection which is a time experienced in the story. Though Bens perception has value on the time, he spent with the children as seizes and precious. In most cases, he benefits from the chance of spending the evening alone with the daughter.

Additionally, the story applies irony through differences brought out on how adult and children perceive the world in a different manner. No child would get the need of looking back in the past specifically obscured the past and people distant as compared to how an adult will do it. In the story, from the unlikely stand, the child can reinforce the paradox which is already inherent in the narrator subject matter.

The story has a brilliant conclusion since the general picture provides concluding statement that doesn't reflect the views of narrator's father. Clear the narrator is quite aware of keeping secret and is not supposed to mention anything related to their visit at Nora's home. The contrary can accept the actions of the father by giving her brother liquor and telling him the narrator's mother shouldn't hear the visit they had to Nora's place. The final part of the story, has an interesting statement revealing how the sky is overcast as always, nearly always, on a summer evening by the lake (Learning, n.d.). This provides a suggestion showing that the narrator has an awareness of the surrounding she exists in and rather imposing judgments on her father, she can decide to be supportive to him or some level, gain the understanding on how complicated his father's life is for him when it comes to staying with narrato's mother.


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