Essay Sample on Benefits of Microcirculation

Published: 2023-02-23
Essay Sample on Benefits of Microcirculation
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The human body is a complex system that requires many essentials that are delivered by blood. The essentials include water nutrition, food substances, among others. It is crucial to ensure that the body is well supplied with all the requirements to ensure that it is at optimum functioning. Moreover, the body should be checked routinely to ensure that it is well functioning and to reduce the effect of the accumulation of germs. Other aspects should also be considered in the human body, such as digestion, maintenance of regular blood sugars, among others. This paper is an explanation about the benefits of Microcirculation to the human skin, and te means that it is helpful in skin practices such as dermatology and plastic surgery.

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To understand better, a definition of terms is needed. Microcirculation is the supply of blood to the smallest blood vessels, i.e., capillaries that are present within the organism's tissue cells (Kiani, 2018). The process makes it possible for one to have the substances in the blood filter out to the cells and the others that are in the cells to come back in. This is one of the most basic functions of blood circulation. It helps supply food products, air, and at the same time, gets rid of waste products such as carbon Oxide and others. I this paper, the area of focus is on the skin.

The skin is the largest organ of the body that covers all the other body parts (Yousef & Sharma, 2018). Some of the aspects of the skin are supposed to be checked to ensure that the person is in the best condition. They include the flexibility of the skin, moisture content, and color, among others. To maintain them, the skin should be supplied with water, mineral salts, and oxygen. Tea aspects can be observed from the outside 7by dermatologists and skin practitioners. In case the skin is not supplied with enough amounts of water, it will appear dry and may even develop cracks (Imokawa & Ishida, 2015). It may also be appear inelastic. This can be observed when the skin is pulled, and it remains in the same position. The healthy human skin should return to the normal position. Microcirculation occurs on the dermal layer of the skin.

The other means that can be used to see if the skin is facing some defects is the color. The color of a person may differ, but it is supposed to be deep. When the persona appears pale, they either have a very severe health condition that makes them seem so or their skin is not supplied with enough nutrients. Some of the best areas that one can look for change are the palms and the lower side of the feet. The areas do not have a lot of differences in many races. Therefore, an alteration from the normal is observable in all people. A failure in the microcirculation on the skin leads to one having lesser color on the skin.

Moreover, Microcirculation enhances the healing of the skin (Pan et al., 2018). One of the primary roles of the skin is to protect the body against both physical and biological harm. In the process of protection, the skin may be injured =or torn by physical aspects. After such an incident, the skin requires care to heal. It needs to be supplied with platelets that stop bleeding. In case of a physical injury, then antibodies that prevent infection. From there, the affected area may require glucose and proteins to heal and return to its normal state. All this is not possible without microcirculation in the dermis.

Finally, microcirculation of the skin prevents the aging effect of humans (Bergvsist et al., 2015). This is characterized by the development of wrinkles and lack of flexibility. These characteristics are seen in older adults. Moreover, the skin becomes saggy in certain areas, such as near the eyes. This is because the skin no longer gets enough supply of nutrients, and the stretchable parts become loose, leading to the aging effect. The main course of the above is a lack of minerals that keep the skin parts flexible.


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