Alzheimer's Nursing Care - Free Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-07
Alzheimer's Nursing Care - Free Essay Sample
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Alzheimer's disease can damage the individual's behavior, judgment, as well as all-around personality (Mayo Clinic, 2019). It is an irreversible as well as progressive, degenerative, critical disease, plus it is the most mutual dementia among aged people. Dementia is a disorder in the brain, and it affects the ability of individuals to perform their daily activities. In most cases, it begins at the age of 60, and its risks continue as the person is getting older, and the risk becomes higher in case the member of the family has the disease. The disease's progression is done in stages until all mental function is destroyed. Currently, no treatment is proved to stop disease progression; nevertheless, some drugs may aid in keeping the symptoms from becoming severe for a particular time.

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Listener Relevance

The speech is educative to both the patient and the nurses since the nurse will gain knowledge on how to deal with the patient who has this condition. Even though the disease has no treatment, there is a way of dealing with it to increase the lifespan of that particular patient. It is typical to be resistant or hesitant to learn the way the disease will advance and impact the individual's life; still, there are some benefits. The speech may enable one to experience a stronger association with the emotion as well as identity. Also, acquiring knowledge concerning Alzheimer's can offer the patient with confidence to make essential decisions on how one can determine to his life as well as plan for the future. Receiving education Alzheimer's may also help the patient to admit his diagnosis since there are some who refuse due to the lose of hope (Mayo Clinic, 2019). Besides, it enables them to remain active as well as a participant in making their financial, legal, as well as long-term care plans. This speech is essential for such people, especially those who lose hope because they feel encouraged and remain hopeful to continue living.

Speaker Credibility

In the last two weeks, I visited various hospitals, and I was able to communicate with Alzheimer's patients who agreed to share openly with me their experience and challenges they face with this condition. Some are unable to perform their daily activities, and this becomes a challenge if there is nobody around to assist them.

Thesis Statement

Alzheimer's ailment is the leading mental impairment cause in aged people, and it accounts for a significant admissions percentage to assist nursing homes, living homes, as well as other long-term care organizations.

As you can see, there are several factors that cause this fatal disease, and sometimes it becomes hard to take control over it. Patients have been faced with various challenges after being infected, and this has contributed to the lose of hope by some patients. Nevertheless, speech has helped some to get the solution concerning the same, and this has helped many patients to prolong their lifespan.


There are several problems that are associated with this condition. It is difficult for people with this disease to admit the symptoms, like memory loss, along with the independence and daily life changes (Edison Home Health Care, n.d). Several people attempt to hind the symptoms because of embarrassment, the need for independent maintenance, or to avoid worries in the family. However, trying to fleece the memory loss or ignoring the symptoms is always counterproductive, and this hinders the capacity to manage symptoms as well as jeopardize the wellbeing of a person. Accepting memory loss, as well as figuring out coping approaches, is an essential self-care part for Alzheimer's disease patients. Also, some undergo distress because they are worried about what will happen to their lives hence becoming hard to make the long-term plans (Edison Home Health Care, n.d). Some are always unable to accept the condition, and, in most cases, they can even commit suicide because they have no hope for living.

These problems have been a challenging factor for several organizations because they desire to save the lives of the clients, but due to lack of treatment, this has been hard for them. Many specialists have tried their best to discover the treatment of the condition and minimize the problems caused by the disease, but it has not been possible. The causes of this disease are several where some of them, such as age, cannot be controlled.

One factor that causes Alzheimer's disease is age. The chances of developing the condition when someone reaches the age of 65 doubles every five years. Nevertheless, it is not the only older people who develop this disease. According to the research, around one person in 20 people who are below 65 is said to have the condition. This is referred to as young or early-onset of Alzheimer's disease, plus it affects individuals who are around 40 years (Edison Home Health Care, n.d). Another cause is diet. Some proteins, such as amyloid, forms plaques around the cells of the brain hence resulting in this fatal disease. The other protein that is dangerous to this condition is tau since it forms tangles in the brain cells. Although it is not known what makes this process to start, there is a truth that the process begins some years before the appearance of the symptoms. As the cells of the brain become affected, there is also a reduction in chemical messengers involved in passing signals or messages between brain cells. Family history is another factor that can lead to Alzheimer's disease (Devere, 2017). The genes inherited from the parents contribute to the risk of developing the disease, although the risk's increase is small. However, in some families, the disease is influenced by a single gene inheritance, and the condition's risks that are passed on are high. If there are some of the family members who had developed the situation over the generations, especially at an early age, it is advisable to seek information as well as advice from genetic counseling concerning the chances of developing the disease at old age.

One of the solutions to Alzheimer's disease is avoiding smoking. Smoking contributes to the chances of the condition development, but when avoided, the chance minimizes. It is also advisable to control risk factors for vascular, including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. These factors are not useful, especially to aged people or an individual from a family that has the disease history. It is also essential to remain social as well as physically active, including participating in aerobic exercise. This has worked to several aged people and people who have the condition history hence reducing the chances of condition development. Furthermore, it is essential to consider the diet one takes to avoid taking foods that are risky to the brain to control disease development. Some of the foods that one should continue taking include the Mediterranean diet, and this is rich in vegetables, lean protein, and fruits, especially protein sources that contain omega-3 fatty acids (Devere, 2017).


Alzheimer's ailment is the leading mental impairment cause in aged people, and it accounts for a significant admissions percentage to assist nursing homes, living homes, as well as other long-term care organizations.

Alzheimer's disease is a critical condition for aged people. This has affected the plan that people have for the future because they fear to be affected by the disease as they approach the age of 60. It is essential to observe the control measures as well as accept this condition if one is affected to increase the duration of living.


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