Free Essay Sample on Being Materialistic

Published: 2017-10-20
Free Essay Sample on Being Materialistic
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It is true that people have become materialistic nowadays, and their love for money has increased. Most people especially the young generation desire quick money and also wish to get extremely wealthy. Certainly, the current world is characterised by everything requiring money, and also the quality of services one gets are dependent on the amount of cash they have. This is with regards to aspects such as the quality of products and lifestyle.

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Being materialistic is certainly not by choice but circumstances. The world today has changed on several aspects among them ethics and morality. Considering factors such as corruption and bribery, they all require money. To the government officials, granting favours is governed by who has more money that the rest. This, therefore, prompts people to seek for more wealth which will allow them to acquire whatever they desire instantly and without struggle. Another issue that explains why people are becoming materialistic is the type of life they want to live. Being wealthy determines the societal class similarly to the old ages. The current society identifies wealthy people as those owning premium cars and elegant houses. This makes people have the urge to look for more money to assist them in owning these things and leading an expensive life.

The quality of services we get is also dependent on the amount of money we have in our possession or the wealth of a family thus making us materialistic. Relating this to the quality of health services and education, the current society is defined by people aiming to obtain high quality services which are directly proportional to the wealth one has. Therefore people will tirelessly work to acquire more money that will aid them in acquiring the quality of services they desire.

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