Check Jamaica Nation Research in Our Free Essay

Published: 2019-05-23
Check Jamaica Nation Research in Our Free Essay
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The values, ideas, and expectations of the poor were brought together by reggae music. In reggae music, the underclass could be more direct, expressive and powerful while challenging the ideology that was dominant. The adversaries, supporters and the middle class viewed reggae as rebel music because it posed a challenge the state and those that were in the authority. Wailers music did recognize the equality and Black Nationalism during a period when the existing economic system ignored the less fortunate in the society. The top musicians like Bob Marley acted as the watchdogs, pawns, and the peacemakers when Jamaica was going through malnutrition, poverty, unemployment, massive debt and political violence.

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Music was the primary form of expression especially for the people who were experiencing hardships and even the communities that were divided because of politics. Music became the sense of unity, hope as well as employment. Manley recognized the influence that reggae music had on the country, and this was in line with the social vision that he had. This made him sympathetic to the people that were impoverished and those that wanted assistance.

Jamaica went through different struggles in the nineties and eighties under the conditions and terms of free trade agreements and capitalism. The dance hall music and reggae were not immune to the flows that were associated with materialism and consumption. Music played a paramount role in furnishing ideological and emotional cohesion. Reggae also fueled the sustainability of national identification that was before and after independence. Reggae music has generated some sense of nationalism in Jamaica especially in the 1960s and 1950s and has given Jamaica the strength for freedom.

Jamaica nation is one of the countries that went through a lot of struggle and trouble in order to bring people together. The Jamaican citizens have always been recognized by their music since time immemorial because their music is what earned them their independence and nationality. The Reggae music always expresses the emotions, pleads, fears and wants of the Jamaican citizens. Despite Reggae being the music that was sang long ago for peoples expressions, it is still sang today to remind the Jamaican people where they came from and all they went through. It is one type of music that has ever since been appreciated and conserved by its people.Today, due to the growing society and all the kind of technology that man has invented, Reggae music has been improved but still cherished as before. Dancing has been introduced to make the music more captivating. This type of Reggae is known as Dancehall music. Dancehall music is still used to express the emotions of the Jamaican citizens. Songs about their leadership and Childhood lives are still sang. This reminds the people what kind of life they lived before and appreciated where they are now. Dancehall music is sang to appreciate the leaders that struggled to get Jamaicans where they belong. Musicians appreciate other artists like Bob Marley by dancing to Reggae music. In conjunction to that, Reggae music is also used to express the way people love and appreciate each other. In short, Reggae is still sang today to express important life experiences other than freedom and nationality. The Jamaican men have also conserved their Reggae music by imitating Bob Marleys hairstyle till to date. The Jamaican nation is one country that has maintained its culture no matter how music is growing to different levels.

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