Comparison Essay Example: ASUS ROG G55VW and MacBook Pro 15-inch screen

Published: 2022-07-20
Comparison Essay Example: ASUS ROG G55VW and MacBook Pro 15-inch screen
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Buying a computer can be a daunting task regardless of one's budget. The buyer always tries to make sure he or she gets the best deal out there. When buying a computer one considers two main aspects which are the performance of the computer and the price. By weighing these two aspects, the buyer can reach a conclusion that guarantees the perfect deal. For this paper, the comparison will be between, ASUS ROG G55VW 8 GB RAM and MacBook Pro 15-inch screen.

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Judging by their price, both computers are high-end computers built for high performance. The ASUS G55VW is one of the Asus Republic gamers line of laptops that retails at $1648 on Amazon. The Mac Book Pro 15-inch price on the apple store starts at $ 2,399.

The Asus laptop is a gaming laptop with almost no limits when it comes to performance. It has third-generation Intel Core i7-3630QM Quad-Core which makes it one of the fastest gaming notebooks currently on the market but not enough to match the MacBook's processing power (ROG G55VW-Specifications, 2018). The MacBook Pro comes armed with a 6-core 8th-generation Intel Core i7 processor that places it above the Asus ROG. With a six-core processor, the MacBook is faster than the Asus although it is not a gaming laptop.

As a gaming laptop, the Asus has an excellent thermal efficiency which improves performance by cooling the motherboard and prevents the machine from heating up. The unique design exhausts air from the back which reduces the noise emanated by the laptop. The thermal efficiency makes it better in gaming compared to the Mac Book Pro.

The G55VW brings it is A game regarding its display. The visual is intensive, and it gets better during gaming. The G55VW screen provides comfort by adjusting brightness on different sections of the screen. When people game for a long time, there is increased demand on both the machine and the man which the computer adjusts to per the angle the user. The features enable one to concentrate on a task for longer, with the assistance of anti-glare panel, reducing eyestrains and the seamless illuminated keyboard with a touch palm that is soft and isolated from the other keys.

The MacBook Pro lives up to its expectation regarding display. It features its trademark retina display that is dense and brings color to life by showing great detail (MacBook Pro - 15 inch, 2018). The native resolution for the MacBook Pro is 2880 by 1800 compared to the Asus which has 1980 by 1080 native resolution. The MacBook still emerges a victor in graphics, by offering the Radeon Pro 555X with 4 GB of GDDR5 and automatic graphics switching Intel UHD Graphics 630. The Asus offers a slightly less powerful NVidia GeForce GTX 660M graphics card with 2GB of dedicated memory.

The battery performance of the Mac lasts up to ten hours which makes it better than the Asus which lasts barely five hours. Both laptops have features which enable them to multi-task, mainly due to the high processing speed. MacOs is better than the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system because it is not susceptible to malware. The disadvantages of the Mac book pro are that it is highly priced compared to a laptop like Asus which can perform similar functions at high speed. MacBook is not a gaming computer per se like the Asus; however, it can still do gaming. The choice of a machine depends on the needs of the potential buyer. However, either way, the MacBook is the best deal because it fulfills the gaming needs of the Asus while still accomplishes other functions that require heavy processing.


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