Aspiration Statement. Essay Example.

Published: 2019-10-30
Aspiration Statement. Essay Example.
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There so many moments in peoples lives when they have to experience new things, adapt to new people and new environments. For some it is quite easy while for others it is extremely difficult. But in fact it is a part of our everyday life. In addition, these skills are necessary in order to succeed in career and life in general. As for me I can cope with such situations and keep things under control.

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As an English teacher I can imagine myself working with people from different cultures and countries. In that case I would have to adapt first of all to all of the students and to the culture as well. For instance, I could work in Asian countries, like China. It is completely different from my country and the cultural differences are evident. I believe that would be a great experience that requires a lot of self-development. Communicating skills and sociability are extremely important for such an assignment. It requires dealing with people from different culture with their own characters, opinions and abilities.

I can see myself in this position, because I am a sociable person who likes exploring new cultures and people. First of all, I need to plan everything ahead of time. These students are going to be taught English as a second language, so I need to find a way how to explain them things until they begin to understand English. I realize that it would be extremely difficult to teach foreign people another language. I believe that it would be very helpful to try to find an individual approach to every single student. Actually, I never had difficulties adapting to the new environment so I can imagine myself working on this project. All I need is a well-planned strategy and lesson plans.

Secondly, I need to get myself ready for the new culture I am going to live in. It would be necessary do a small research about the county. I would to learn about the country, their traditions, lifestyle and people in general. It also would be useful to learn some basic words and phrases. All this information will be necessary in order to feel myself as a part of their community. This step is going to be one of the most important ones, because the more information I have the easier it will be in real life. The second step to adapt to the new culture will be to apply that information. I would find some friends who can explain me what I do not understand and visit places that reflect the culture in the best way. I think it would be a good idea to go to public places, restaurants where I can experience a cultural diversity. In this way the adaptation will become easier and faster.

This project is a great life experience. I believe it will change me, my points of view and my future. It will open me new career opportunities that can make me more successful. While staying in different country I can learn their language which is really valuable in the modern world. I will develop my professional skills and get more experience in order to grow professionally. I believe that after this project I will have a lot of benefits and become more qualified professional. In addition, I expect this project to help me grow as individual as well. I will become more open to new things and people. I will be more open-minded and communicative. All these skills are necessary for any person who wants to succeeds. These are the main qualities of a good leader.

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