HRM Essay Example on Hiring Managers to Chinese Office

Published: 2022-09-05
HRM Essay Example on Hiring Managers to Chinese Office
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Position Description

Craynet Inc. is looking to hire five managers to their offices in China. Being an Australian based company, the firm has had a business venture in China and is seeking to maximize on the potential. This has seen the firm having to look into the possible options of making a share through the existing workforce in Australia and make use of the same expertise in China. Because of this, there has been a better chance at getting the best by making use of the existing workforce who have already proven their capabilities so that there can be easy pooling of resources and ideas. Therefore, as the human resource manager, there is going to be an open application to the interested parties who will be vetted, and the best candidates chose to take on the new roles for the two years as stated by management. In fact, instead of making a choice of intimidation to grasp on the possible managers, I have been able to see it fit to make this a rather involving task that would be quite accommodating and would at the end of the day ensure that there is quality and easy connection between the managers and the company so that work can be done in harmony. Even though this decision has been reached at very short notice, there are high expectations towards the possible turn out and the potential expected by showing the best chances at making this transition work well.

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Training and Development

There being the need for the chosen applicants to move location from Australia to China, there will be some in-depth training exercises that would be heavily meant to shape the applicants towards their potential tasks once chosen. As such, all through the application and vetting process, the shortlisted candidates will be tasked and heavily engaged with a lot of the activities that they will be involved in and various other stuff that would be very important for them while in China. For instance, there will be basic learning of the Chinese language so that there will be a better way for them to communicate with personnel in China and understand each other. In as much as the basic tutoring will be involved, it will still be up to the applicant to perfect on the skill and make sure that understanding is reached so as to allow easy blending in and fast understanding of the potential markets in China. Furthermore, there being five managerial positions up for grabs, there will be a better view of the places and a basic insight into the tasks involved with the positions so that it can be much easier for us as a department to be able to make a choice when it comes to who to place where according to skill and performance. There being quite a short time to perfect on a lot of things, there will have to be a way through which all these developmental trainings can be fixed into our schedule so that by the time our time lapses, the chosen managers are on point and are skilled enough to tackle the China markets. (Noe, 2006)

Industrial Relations and Employment Regulation

The Human Resources department also looks into the well-being of employees and hence it does not fail to link closely with the industrial relations act and employment regulations just as it should. This, therefore, means that throughout the application process, justice and fairness will be majored on in such a way that skill and efficiency will be the key players. Being an open application for the jobs, there will be an insight into the experience of the applicants and the viability for them to handle the task at hand most effectively. This means that only the best of the applied candidates will be chosen. Industrial regulations mostly look at the potential ways that an employee can prove himself or herself best suited for the job. With this in mind, it has been made that for effective swarming of the entire training process, there has to be a way through which the same can be majored on. Furthermore, employment regulation is also another major factor to look at especially in such an intrusive venture. For the effective running of activities, the employees have to be trained and found perfectly suited for the job. This means that even through vetting, a number of other factors will still be looked at before the handing over of the new positions to the given successful applicants at the end of it all. (Becker, 1996)


Craynet Inc. also does not fail to take note of the fact that the jobs in question have been brought at a rush hour and therefore things have to be done in a much faster way. Therefore, this has made them see the need for them to make some use of compensation in order for successful applicants to feel much more comfortable when taking in their new positions. The company recognizes the fact that there is a potential chance of the applicants finding it rather difficult to let go of their existing lives in Australia and just move to take the new job in China. As such, such movement and the need to have a geographical change means that the new managers will have to start over with a lot of things. There will be a slated compensation figure that shall be handed over to the new managers who will be chosen so that they can be able to have some kind of ease when moving into their newly given positions in China. Furthermore, there will be a close understanding with the employees over their existing assets in Australia so that the company can be able to take responsibility for them on their behalf for the said period. In the event of a sudden change or the need for adverse actions, the company will fully ride on the decision made by the owner and give token or compensation where it is due.


At the end of the entire application and training process, the successful applicants will be expected to take on their new roles swiftly. However, even though there is a clear change in places and the notion that the job at hand would be rather demanding, the company also does not fail to take into consideration the chances that the new managers will have a chance to be able to return at their own convenience. Even though the job may be tough and hard at some point, the company has left it rather open and given these new managers some freedom that assures them of the free will to move over and about and furthermore, the chance for them to return home at their own will. This is quite essential in making new managers feel accommodated and comfortable while undertaking their day to day business operations. The China firm having been an overseas operational firm for Craynet Inc., there will also be close links between the same managers and their counterparts back in Australia from time to time so that business can be handled perfectly. In fact, the internet also has another added advantage in ensuring the comfort of the managers because of options such as video conferencing and many more. As such at the end of the day, the firm has assured them of accommodated options do they choose to repatriate and make their return back home in either situation.

Cultural Adaptation

Due to the geographical differences in Australia and China, there is bound to be a lot of cultural difference too. This is something that Craynet Inc. has made sure to take note of. Therefore, because of the need to import the skill from Australia to China, there is also the need to make sure that the same skill is made comfortable in such a way that they can be able to blend into the new culture. As stated earlier, there will be basic Chinese lessons given to the applicants and specifically, the new employees on the managerial rank so that communication can be sorted out. Furthermore, there will also be a lot of research and more of understanding on what China has to offer and the most basic things to know when in China in a bid to ensure that at the end of it all, everyone and every other situation is at par. China has a number of cultural practices and beliefs that they usually practice. These practices will also be highlighted during the entire training so that by the end of it all, there is an understanding of how China works and the best way to approach stuff, especially in the specified job market. This means that there will be a thorough approach of the same during the short span to maximize on the understanding of the same. As the new managers, there will be a look into how well there can be an understanding of the business culture so that conquering can be made easier and at a very short time.

Being that the managers are going to have to expatriate for two years, there is a lot that should be looked at in the manner of approach in such a way that the same managers are going to be quite comfortable while doing the task. Looking at the company in China, there has to be a number of things to be major on because as such, this is a key area in looking at the production line and the mode of consuming hence the need to give nothing but the best here. For starters, there will have to be a means of application laid out to the interested candidates. This will be tailored in such a way that the entire package will interest the applicants and lure them into applying for the same. Majorly, there will have to be an application allowance that highlights the main requirements that majors on it being open to all genders, open to any age group, open to the possibilities of the applicants having children who are of the bracket young to teenage and the number of this children should range from zero to seven. (Laurent, 1986) Furthermore, there is also going to be a look at the marital status of the same managers where it is open to either. This application is however just limited to managers as they are most suited for the task at hand. Because of the disparity in location, religion will not be tied down to any particular affiliation but rather to any that is practiced worldwide. The entire managerial position comes with a number of benefits that includes a lot of travels around China while marketing the said products. Furthermore, there is an assured sum allowance that is tied down to a number of benefits such as housing, travel, expense and many more. This means that the position comes with increased earnings.

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The said managers will have a chance to explore their skill and profession and at the same time be able to earn good returns in the process. Having been given a span of two years to work, the successful applicants will be given a chance to expound on their duties and at the same time, get full support from the company in terms of finances, compensation and many more. There being such short notice for the application process, there will be a lot of engaging with the applicants who will then have a venture into the possibilities available prospects. The application though restrained to managers only is open to a lot of things and there freedom when it comes to ethnicity, gender, marital status with an age bracket of zero to seventy years and the option of having children also being open to a maximum of seven children who are either young or teenage. With the very mouthwatering returns and the basic luring packages that comes with this application, there is every reason for the managers to take on the chance and pursue their chances.


With the laid out scope of activities, there is a better chance at nailing these managers and luring them to apply for this managerial position in China. Furthermore, the well laid out plan that has been outlined has given a better chance at making sure that they are able to like the deal and be able to go for it. As such, with the best approach to the same, getting them to take the job offer voluntarily will be inevitable.

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