Essay Sample on Artificial Intelligence Future and It Perils

Published: 2023-01-24
Essay Sample on Artificial Intelligence Future and It Perils
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The late Stephen Hawking debated on how artificial intelligence could benefit the humanity race. Stephen had no fear to expose his fears that one day the thinking machines would be in control. Hawking's predicted that an end of human race would be influence by the developments in artificial intelligence. Hawking's concerns were based on the superhuman artificial intelligence. At that point the human intelligence would replicate the processes of human intelligence. Collaborating those fears and some other ideas came dependent on the bases of the artificial intelligence.

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Hawking's admitted that the future was unpredictable. Success in creation of effective artificial intelligence would be the biggest experience in our civilization or the worst. We do not know if we will be ignored or helped by the artificial intelligence or totally destroyed by it. Unless we learn to avoid and prepare for the future risks, artificial intelligence will be the worst occurrence in our history of civilization. It will bring threats like few to oppress any or powerful autonomous weapons. Hawking's said, to avoid the potential reality, artificial intelligence developers needed to apply the effective management and best practices. The specialist listed some of the work carried out in Europe to create new rule around robotics and artificial intelligence. Am being optimistic and believe that we can develop artificial intelligence for a better world. Possible if it can work in harmony with us. We need to identify the dangers, employ best practices, be aware of the dangers, manage and get ready for the consequences in advance said "Hawking's".

Our easy focusses on the evolving technologies and the effects that Stephen hawking's was concerned with. In this point the perception of artificial intelligence is to design computer technologies to develop machines that ultimately exceeds the thinking process of human and functions with a mimicking foresight. Hawking's warned against excess form of artificial intelligence, in which thinking machines would take off in independent building of more capable systems and designing and modifying themselves. This indicated the outwitting of the slow pace of biological evolution.

The Artificial Threat to Humanity

Artificial intelligence lacks attackers. The English theoretical physicist, Hawking's recorded the artificial intelligence would be a real threat to served future. The robots were believed one day they would improve themselves and outwit us all. Before getting to the point of super human technology, the artificial intelligence can be put into different uses. Today's practical and ethical problems are contributed too by the rising artificial intelligence technology. The artificial intelligence systems are created using the opaque algorithms that decide on their own. The common mathematical models may be overlooked at and the computational errors may occur. The human skills may be displaced by artificial intelligence thus increasing the unemployment. Global inequality might increase due to limited access of artificial intelligence. Stanford university in 2014 conducted a study that identified some of these concerns. Hawking's views are more nuanced and less alarmist than the gets credit for. They pronounce the need of regulating and understanding the emerging technologies. Hawking's repeatedly searched on the dangers and benefit of artificial intelligence. We believed no superhuman would help in eradicating poverty, power and diseases.

The fear of human race is being overtaken by artificial intelligence, but assured benefit in the meantime may be associated with Hawking's life. Hawking came to depend on artificial intelligence to associate with the world. At that time, they used different communication schemes that assisted them in writing and talking. First interaction with the computer programs were slow and full of errors. The artificial intelligence changed that. The open-source program increased the speed of word selection. Hawking's used the artificial intelligence to analyze his own words. The information helped him in expressing new ideas. During the processing of his articles, books and lecture script the system was good that he did not have to type the terms most people were associated with. For example, "the black hole" when he choice "the," "black" appeared automatically and black would prompt "hole" on the screen.

Artificial Intelligence Improves People Intelligence

Hawking's experience with simple form of artificial intelligence illustrated how human super human artificial intelligence changed people's lives better. Through speech prediction Hawking's was able to cope with the shocking neural diseases. The emerging artificial intelligence systems are helping in fighting, reducing and preventing the disease problems. For example, artificial intelligence can summarize the health data and medical sensors to predict the likelihood of patients developing severe blood infection. Through studies it was more secure and provided advanced warning compared to other methods. Researchers also created an artificial intelligence program to walk through electronic health data bases of patients. They developed a program called "Deep Patient" to identify new psychiatric disorders and new patterns for diabetes and cancers.

Artificial intelligence facilitated the robotic surgery system. The system replaced the human surgeons through a procedure in pigs that was similar to the operation carried on human patients. Artificial intelligence is promises to improve people's health through medical data collection has become the corner stone of both public-health sector and software development in the united states. For instance, the Obama white house launched research to collect DNA from one million Americans. The data was availed to the artificial intelligence systems for analyzes during new medical treatment studies. Potentially it improved both patient recovery and diagnoses.

Apart from medical realm, artificial intelligence is being used in other areas, such as stock trading, scientific research, toy industry and law enforcement. According to Oxford University's Nick Bo strum notes; thousands of artificial applications are more set in every industry infrastructure.


Today's most companies such as amazon, google and Microsoft have invested much in artificial intelligence, to provide the world with viable cyber assistance and improve search technology. The natural artificial intelligence is connected to doing better things in fields like leveraging new technologies to reduce costs and improve health care with the use of available, cheaper and powerful systems. For example, Watson computer designed to answer questions inform of verbal presentation. With the public awareness of Watson capabilities IBM announced Watson as a universal entity in the health sector, where nurses have utilized it to cater for cancer and in giving important decisions concerning cancer treatments. We can also say that the fear of human race is being overtaken by artificial intelligence, but assured benefit in the meantime may be associated with Hawking's life.


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