Article Review Essay Sample: The Usage of the Internet in Human Resource Recruitment

Published: 2022-09-19
Article Review Essay Sample: The Usage of the Internet in Human Resource Recruitment
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The dawn of the internet age is allowing several methods for human resource recruitment. As opposed to earlier newspaper and gazette publications, the internet is allowing for rapid recruitment as well as filtering of potential employees. The ability of employers to have a platform where candidates are able to upload papers, take initial interviews and also participate in technical tests has led to a transformation in the human resource management and recruitment process. An article by Gherman and Iancu explores 'The usage of the internet in human resource recruitment (2009). The authors put it that in recent times, most organizations are using the internet as perhaps the most important avenue for recruiting and managing human resources (Gherman & Iancu, 2009).

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The article also explores the various means which companies use to recruit potential employees. One of the ways is having specific recruitment and form filling sites that give people a platform to show intent. The authors give an instance of TEXAS INSTRUMENTS that has set up a department fully dedicated to online recruitments. The head of recruitment, Nelson, has the job of checking emails for engineers showing intention to join the company. In the same way, the HR manager has the responsibility of checking the website to filter the applications that are sent in to the company (Gherman & Iancu, 2009). Undoubtedly, recruitment from the internet is useful for initial employee vetting.

Another important reason given for using the internet for recruitment is that is takes care of most competitive endeavor (Gherman & Iancu, 2009). Companies are at equal ground when recruiting from the internet because it gives plausible deniability on claims about poaching employees from other organizations. In this way, internet applications can be viewed as free willed and hence become efficient in sourcing the best employees-even from other organizations. For this reason, internet recruitment of human resources would be effective for global conglomerates to use. Consequently, the recruitment process is easier and is able to filter as many candidates from as many countries as possible. Also, the process of the internet could be useful for headquarters in finding the right candidates in the regions that they are most required. For instance, a conglomerate with headquarters in the United States can easily recruit employees from South Africa and fill the wanted positions in the region as promptly as possible.

The vast area of search allowed by the internet makes it the most valuable platform for recruitment in the modern age. The article authors also put it that it has led to the reduction in effort exerted by recruitment specialists around the world (Gherman & Iancu, 2009). The ease of recruiting the best people in the world is simply effective. Some evidence of the same is given by the authors when they cite that TEXAS INSTRUMENTS has employed about 10% of its engineers from the internet-the number is expected to increase to about 20% in the near future (Gherman & Iancu, 2009).

In conclusion, it is clear that the internet offers a platform for numerous activities. Consequently, the article suggests the potential of the internet to be used as a tool for acquiring the best minds for jobs across the world. In the same way, the ability to vet candidates before they can attend initial interviews is fundamental to saving time and resources that would be utilized for the same physical interaction. The internet is the recruitment platform of the future-and it is already here.


Gherman, R., Iancu, Mihaela Iosefina.(2009). The usage of the internet in the human resource recruitment. Agricultural Management / Lucrari Stiintifice Seria I, Management Agricol. Vol. 11 Issue 2, Special section p1-4. 4p.

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