Essay Sample on Palestine Israel Relations

Published: 2023-04-09
Essay Sample on Palestine Israel Relations
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Over the years, contending views between Israelis and Palestinians have greatly contributed to the segregation and alienation from each other. In this view, peacebuilders and peacemakers have decided to take matters into action to bring the two communities together.

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Units of Peacebuilding and peacemaking in the two communities have recoursed to cooperation, activism, advocacy, civic education, and cooperation on projects, among other activities on missions to resolve their agenda. It would involve a continuous commitment to sensitize and defend the rights and freedoms of Palestinians and Israel to bring about reconciliation, equality and pluralism. Also, Peaceful protest and application of force against the state's policies have contributed greatly to Peacebuilding and peacemaking. Not to forget, Continuous commitment to sensitize and defend the rights and freedoms of the people. Prompting civic officials to update and secure public responses on meetings and sessions and to promote unending peace and justice has greatly helped. But with every process comes setbacks, with Peacebuilding too comes some setbacks. Various setbacks are withholding Peacebuilding, which originates from the micro and macro levels.

According to the macro level, each of the two societies has been made to know the national tale and philosophy that bring about stereotypes, hence contrasting and compromising the accommodation of the other. On the other hand, the micro-level comprises inner and outer factors. The inner factors including long-term and inflicted psychosocial effects of the ongoing and previous traumas affecting both the young and the old, alternative historical narratives about the reasons for the controversy and the difficulty that Israelis and Palestinians have in evolving understanding the development of negative intertwined collective identities brought about with victimhood. The outer obstacles would include government opposition, criticism from the excluded, little access to progress on the political, limited resources and lack of infrastructure for Peacebuilding, including qualified workers, money, research etc. With the problems, solutions have been sought to sustain the track to Peacebuilding. It has been enabled by changing people's attitudes, generating trust, exhausting justice, and strengthening legitimacy. Also, peace movement among Israel and Palestinian should be united, have a common language, creating own inner peace as a peacebuilder, coordinating with other peacebuilding players on various levels, having a long-term plan for multiple peacebuilding activities with specified goals and continuously look into the results of the goals and asses forthcoming goals on the results.

In the sight of Peacebuilding and peacemaking process, treaties are amended, and principles are formed to strengthen the treaties and lengthen the peace. Peacebuilding values, in this case, would incorporate; fair and just negotiations of activities on ground, grasping a common language of peace that would otherwise justify outcomes, come together for peace in the essence of a rapport and freewill cooperation, recognize and bring together bottom-up Peacebuilding with top-down peacemaking where the sovereigns and the citizens will always meet in the public, be ready trade-offs for public support, terminate activities that would threaten peacemaking and peacebuilding initiatives including pretentious talk among others that would otherwise eliminate societal divisions, stereotypes and religious beliefs, initiate joint programs in support of human welfare for people to live in freely and indignity. Also, public officials should be able to make bold steps in decision-making to deliver a brighter future and bearing the best interest for all and gather support regionally and internationally in support of peacemaking and Peacebuilding.

All in all, peace building depends on all Israelis and Palestinians getting involved in the process young or old, male or female, poor or rich.

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