The Lulu and The Rent Party, Essay Example on the Event

Published: 2022-04-19
The Lulu and The Rent Party, Essay Example on the Event
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On April 4, 2018, the Lulu & The Rent Party hosted a spectacular and unique Jazz and Billiards night sessions at the DeRome House Social Club in Oakland California. The rent party is a social occasion where tenants allow bands and musicians play to raise money to pay their rent. The rent party started in the 20s, and it has had a critical role in the development of blues and Jazz music. A suggested donation of $10 is raised by passing the hat to raise money in a rotating roster of guest musicians. DeRome House Social Club seats about 300 people and the dress code for the audience was casual while the guest bands and musicians were dressed in black outfits for women and tuxedos for the men. The performers involved four men and a woman, and the orchestra was conducted by Leann Carlixtro. The concert started at 8:00 pm and ended at 10:00 pm.

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The orchestra consisted guitarist-Dave Bell, vocalist-Leann Calixtro, drums-Pete Lind, bass- Michael Price, and mandolin and violin- Joe Yamamoto. Leann Calixtro was pretty amazing and lovely in all pieces and the most memorable. Pete Lind the drums was a powerful drum player, and he thrilled the audience particularly with his solos. He banged away using every gear lively and energetic. One skill Dave Bell, the guitarist, was predominantly adept at the repeated use of sequential chords rather than using arpeggios. Joe Yamamoto, the mandolin and violin player also played a strong tune concurrently and then simmer down steadily. The combination of the bass and vocalist creatively produced a rhythmical sound, which truly defines jazz music. Thus, the band had a musical fashion where they would slow down and speed up to extreme tempo scales. The songs had everything jazz music should have, and the energy and excitement in the audience kept the audience alive.

The songs that were performed included Dance Me to the End of Love, Who's Honey are You? and The Best is Yet to Come. These songs provoked various feelings and moods within the audience. The first song performed by the band was called Dance Me to the End of Love. The song was a romance song from the time the first note started. The lyrics supposedly tell a story of romance and seductive relationship. The song was sexy and passionate and showed dialogue without the use of words. The band played the song with steadiness, and the solo from the vocalist-Leann Calixtro made the song to sound like twirling and dancing in the moonlight. Listening to the song was a worthwhile experience, and it made a good beginning to the Lulu & The Rent Party.

The next session began with the song Who's Honey, are You? The song began with the entry of a mandolin and violin by Joe Yamamoto who conducted and played with exemplary care. A drum followed this by Pete Lind who used the drumsticks to dreary the sound by striking the drum set sides. The vocalist-Leann Calixtro entered with a solo and worked with the mandolin, violin, drum, and bass bringing up the background. The song tempo was upbeat, and its musical form presented alterations that were superb, and its dynamics were managed solicitously. The romance in the song was tender and hushed, and the final was light. The melody was strong just like the rhythmic dissonances and pulses. The song was more soulful in mood that increased as the song passed from mandolin to the violin. Towards the end the drummer performed a rapid solo, the song fades out, and he goes back to drumming the outer rim of the drum. Thus, a lot was happening at the stage, and all the audiences could do was to join the ride and enjoy the song.

The third song played was The Best is Yet to Come. The song started slowly and disorganized. However, it soon picked up into a conventional rhythm, which is common in jazz. The guitarist-Dave Bell began and followed by the drummer, Pete Lind and lastly the vocalist-Leann Calixtro. The blend and the manner in which the song was played gave off indisputably sad feeling. The two instruments complemented each other and kept increasing in volume and overlapping each other. The orchestra also melded with a bass line and dissonant chords that supported the mandolin and violin harmonically. The vocalist seemed to focus more on the sweetness of the lyrics and catch to stress the melody. The song was unquestionably a combination of blues and souls due to its bass lines and strong beats that made most of the audience to begin tapping their feet and nodding their heads. Towards the end of the song, the guitarist generated quick scales and later began to lessen the strokes to enable the song to grow fainter to help decrease the tempo. Indeed, Leann Calixtro gave an expressive performance by showing virtuosity and outstanding technique.

Despite my little knowledge, I had a fantastic time at the DeRome House Social Club in Oakland, California. The ambiance was responsible for the success of the Lulu & The Rent Party. The installation of dim lighting by the management added the sensitive touch of a candle in every table that gave the entire party a romantic feeling. The quality of the songs and skills of the band offered the audience a revitalizing into jazz and its boundless prospective for harmony. The songs had everything jazz music should have, and the energy and excitement in the audience kept the audience alive. As a lot was happening at the stage, all the audiences could do was to join the ride and enjoy the song. This was the major benefit of attending the concert. Besides, I realized the diverse talents among jazz musical experts and musicians who have become the world's best musical expressions of jazz. The band also achieved two things; they were able to entertain and at the same time raise some cash for themselves. Overall, the entire orchestra delivered an outstanding performance completely impressive, peaceful, enjoyable and soothing. The main song I enjoyed was Dance Me to the End of Love. The song was a beautiful piece and the band played with such passion. Although it had much repetition, I enjoyed listening to the song. However, one thing was evident, these songs were breathtaking, and the way the instruments and the vocals blended was terrific. I must say that I was not the only person mesmerized by the events of that night. The performances signaled excitement, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

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