Essay Example on the Importance of Family and Education

Published: 2022-12-21
Essay Example on the Importance of Family and Education
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Having grown up in a middle-level social background, I was made to understand the importance of education and family as pillars for social and economic development. Last summer I was part of my school marching band. This was a new skill and it required patient and persistence. This new skill required that I apply a double portion of both attributes. The pressure to achieve the set targets was immense, and a wrong note was engulfed by other voices in the band. One note up while the others are down screamed mistakes to the audience. In spite of the obstacles, in the end, I was able to perform different complicated tasks. This success was attributed to motivation from family members and friends. My family provided me with unique opportunities that helped model my personality and value for education. The marching band and sporting activities all helped instill the spirit of teamwork, and I am confident of working as part of a team or as an individual. As part of a group, one is entrusted to perform particular duties to ensure smooth operation of the entire team. Through family and education, I have been able to learn the value of leadership and community service. Duty to care for the community has had a significant impression upon me. Adopting a cheerful attitude is a critical part of community service, and I try to stick to.

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To enhance individual social life quality, there is a need to access education. Education acts as a conduit towards better social wellbeing and helps appreciate the importance of life. The most crucial part of education starts at the family level, and this gives credit to the family as a foundation for every person's educational journey. Therefore, together with the relevance of education, it is important to assess the role of the family in education.

Since access to information in the current age is easier, human life has witnessed significant changes in living standards. Technologies that couldn't have been imagined a decade ago have changed into elements that make life more like a roller coaster. To keep up with the rapid changes, it is required that students undergo a proper educational process. When a child has been spoilt by parents, always getting whatever he wants, there are chances that he might experience difficulty accepting that their wishes cannot be granted within the school environment. To some extent, the child might express his anger or aggression. Such behaviors often lead to social exclusion and different psychological pressures. Confronted with a similar scenario, such learners may experience loss of self-confidence and the desire to walk away.


Family and education functions together. Lack of well-established family structure affects the learning process, the individual's character and physical ability in performing different functions. Having a good family structure is basically the foundation of establishing solid knowledge, skills, and values.

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